Rono’s Round Table

You are personally invited to a seat at Rono’s Round Table… a high level coaching program designed for strong, powerful and committed Fempreneurs who desire to feel great  (in every area of your life) as you continue to uplevel your business.

Is this you?

  • You enjoy running your business, but you don’t really have other people of high caliber thinking that can give you effective and helpful support around making decisions and best strategies for business growth.
  • Though you have lots of great people in your life, you are the go to person in your community/ life and are at a loss b/c you don’t have many (if any) people in your life to have the deeper discussions with – b/c you are the one supporting everyone around you.
  • You love your partner, but you butt heads often because he (or she) doesn’t really, fully get it and seems at times unsupportive of your dreams.
  • You’ve made choices in the past that have you doubt your ability to step forward powerfully today, but you are hungry for change and are ready for a quantum leap.
  • You find it challenging to balance all the tasks that you have as a mother and/or partner along with the appropriate amount of time and focus needed to run your business.
  • You know there is an easier, less time consuming way to create great results, but not quite sure what that is.
  • You’re looking for the next level of optimization. You want to do less and achieve more.  You’re willing to put in the hard work, but you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting mediocre results.
If you resonate with ANY of the above, and/or the message in my video, I invite you to take the next step to explore if this program is right for you!  


My Round Table Program is a high level coaching program designed for strong, powerful and committed Fempreneurs who desire to feel great  (in every area of your life) as you continue to uplevel your business.

This program is part mastermind, part private coaching, part business strategy, part sistership circle and a multitude of mindset tools, techniques and miracle generating teachings that will support you to powerfully shift out of lack and limitation and into an experience of great prosperity and purpose. What you get from Round Table is… Six months of personal and group coaching with Rono that includes:
  • Bi-Monthly Mastermind Calls 11amEST / 8am PST – Thursdays
  • 9 private 1-on-1 30-minute miracle sessions with Rono
  • Private Online Forum with 24 hour access to support
  • Weekly Sistermind Partner with another high powered Queen
  • Weekly mindset tools, teachings and practices to become your most empowered self.
It’s called the Round Table because it is a table of equals… a group of high vibration women who are dedicated to bringing out more of their greatness and purpose. It’s a container of well-rounded support where the Queen’s seated at this table add in their skills and wisdom to empower each other both individually and collectively. It’s a space that allows you to remain more fully in the energy of your greatness while establishing new patterns of thought, actions and ways of being that help you to more easily create the life and business you desire. For far too long, women have played in the world of business as if it were a man’s game and we are seeing more and more that this strategy is no longer working for women.

If you are ready to do business like the Queen you are and step into a greater level of ease, success, fun, pleasure AND profit, then let’s get on the phone and talk about moving forward together.


For far too long I have witnessed extraordinary women just like you…

  • Struggling in business because you don’t realize that there is an easier way.
  • Allowing your inner critics hold you back.
  • Not fully living your bliss because you are caught in an old paradigm of work hard, play later.
  • Denying your true essence for fear of not being liked.
  • Hold back your full power because of what you are afraid of what message it will send to your
  • Pretend that it’s ok when it’s actually not.
  • Feel like you don’t have as many choices as you actually do about your circumstances (marriage, money, life, love, etc)
Let me support you in a new paradigm for doing business the way that feels good and gets results. Are you interested?


A few things you will need to know when taking this next step…

  • You must book your session by Wednesday, October 8th 9pm EST EXTENDED to November 18th!
  • In our 50-minute session we will uncover what is holding you back and what is moving you forward. Whether you are ready for this program or not our time together will be a great investment in yourself at a great value.
  • You must have an established business or be an established entrepreneur.  This is not for someone just starting out (unless you are a rock star then I will work as hard for you as you do).
  • There are only 12 4 seats still available at this round table and will fill up fast, so don’t delay.
  • You can participate from any where in the world with this program.
  • If you are chosen for this program, I will work with you to help you make the investment possible if need be.
  • If you are serious about receiving this kind of life changing transformation for you and your business then book your session today. 

More details about the program including cost, exact dates and times will be revealed to you once we have our exploratory session and it is determined that you are an ideal candidate for this program and ready to fast track your results and grow your business by leaps and bounds.

If anything in this message has spoken to you the most important guidance I can give you right now is to follow your heart and book your session, fill out the intake form and know that we will discuss and work out all the remaining unknowns and details when we speak.

Miracles happen everyday and I can guide you to creating more of them in your life.  Are you ready for more?

Let’s find out together!

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