Would you like to learn a simple formula that creates
major magnetism for your dreams & desires?


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Then watch the videos below where I share in great detail,
the four steps of Effortless Feminine Manifestation.




In today’s fast-paced, goal oriented, get-er-done world, most of us have been taught that when we want something we must…


– Grab the bull by the horns to get it


– Plan carefully and work hard at all costs


– Figure out the “how” every time we have an idea, dream or desire


– Sacrifice for what you want


– Climb as far and high as we can to get ahead


Unfortunately this approach causes more misery than manifest and actually generates a vibration that causes you to REPEL the things you most desire.


Or worse, once you finally get what you want, you’re too burnt-out or unhappy to fully enjoy the fruits.


In my four decades of life, I’ve learned that the fastest way to call in the things you most desire is not through hard work and effort but rather attuning your vibration to align your feelings with the feeling you will have when you receive your desire.


And though I’ve read plenty of books and watched more than my share of videos on how to do this, it wasn’t until I uncovered the four simple steps that I’m going to share with you that I fully understood, and began to master The Art of Effortless Manifestation.


This process has worked so well for me and the hundreds of women I’ve supported over the years that I deeply desire to share this with you too!


Some of my personal manifestations include…


  • Calling in high vibrational and high paying clients who seemingly found me out of the blue without any marketing on my part.
  • Finding a 5000 sq foot mini-mansion dream home where I pay a fraction of the actual cost to live in and that I manifested in less than 30 days.
  • Attracting a soul partner (now husband) who loves and adores me and has every quality I was seeking in a man (he was right in front of my nose my whole life).
  • Finding the perfect person to sublet my new home and pay in full so I could spend 6 weeks frolicking in upstate NY at my “Love Shack on the Lake” with my beloved.  (This happened right at the last minute- once I leaned back… listened to the guidance and stopped “efforting” toward this need / desire.)
  • Manifesting an authentic Native American style wedding dress for my tribal themed wedding that was hand made by the costumer designer from the movie, Dances With Wolves. (This happened 1 week before my wedding and the story of how it happened would blow your mind).
  • Speaking opportunities and connections to people in my field who gladly promote me because of who I am, not what I do.
  • And SO much more!


If you are ready to take your manifestation powers to a whole new level and stop working your butt off to “make” your dreams come true, then I encourage you to take a few days to watch these videos below and do the homeplay.




Come take a walk on the wild side of wonder with me and start to creating some major, magical manifestations in your life… this month!




In this first video you will learn…


• Step 1 of a 4-part (proven) process of how to attract what you want the feminine way.


• What desire actually is and why it’s a necessary energy for expansion and growth in your life. (HINT- it compels us forward and tells us which direction we’re meant to go toward.)


• The difference between a desire and a goal and why it matters when it comes to manifesting. (In short- desire comes from your heart and goals come from your head.)


• Why jealousy is a good thing when it comes to your desires and how it can help you get clear.


• How to shortcut the process and distance between where you are and what you most want.




        Take the time to complete the ‘Homeplay’ in the video
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In this video you will learn…



• Step 2 of a 4-part (proven) process of how to attract what you want the feminine way. (Step 2- Lean Back)

• What the real difference between Doing vs. Being is and how (and why) being is actually a more preferred state when it comes to manifesting your desires more quickly and efficiently.

• Why doing gets in the way of your ability to see clearly what’s actually needed and required of you to fulfill your desires.

• The importance of a deep knowing that your mere existence in this world is more than enough and how you’ve been lead to believe otherwise… and what you can do about it.

• Discover more about the biological design of a woman and the diffuse awareness that gives us the ability to see wider and farther when we are in our feminine essence and how that helps you specifically get what you want faster.


Take the time to complete the ‘Homeplay’ in the video
      and then move on to the next video.



Step 3-  Listen (& Look) for Guidance

In this video you will learn…

• Step 3 of a 4-part (proven) process of how to attract what you want the feminine way.

• What it takes to use this 4 step manifestation method in your life and why practice makes permanent.

• The importance of playing and practicing this process within the safety and security of this FB group and Sisterhood… and why that is essential to your success with this formula.

• How to harness the power of the moon to up your manifesting powers and leverage this formula to the max.

• The various forms guidance can take and who you need to be and look for when it comes to receiving that guidance.

• A powerful motto that when used and acted upon is guaranteed to increase your connection and awareness of your intuition.


Take the time to complete the ‘Homeplay’ in the video
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Step 4- Leap into Action


In this video you will learn…

• What leaping into action looks like (it’s very different than you think).
• What to watch out for when you leap
• The importance of and how steps 1-3 play into the leap
• What happens when you leap and it feels off or not aligned.

You’ll also get a full review of the entire Effortless Feminine Manifestation formula and a special invitation to join me on an even deeper dive to take your manifesting and magic to the moon and back.

Be sure to join us over at the Fun Fab Fem Girlfriends group to share all your discoveries and play with this growing tribe of manifesting mavens.

Take the time to complete the ‘Homeplay’ in the video
      and then move on to the next video.


After watching the above videos, if you’re fired up and ready to deepen your manifesting abilities, I dare you to take the next step onto the magic carpet ride that awaits you by sheduling a complimentary desire clarity session with me.