Hello beautiful soul sister.

It is an honor to be a part of your journey and support you in cultivating your divine complement.

7f41b2eb4571ff4fe6e42176a7677e7cHaving two sisters of my own and working with women for nearly ten years, I know the important role of brother. My intention is to not only hold space as brother, friend and guide, but to be a divine masculine presence in your life so that you have an anchor to bounce against, play with, be held by and embody the feeling essence of what you desire most in your man.  Some of my past DCC ladies have called me “Papa Bear” which is from them experiencing extra care and looking out for them from loving space. And “Surrogate Boyfriend”… you have someone to confide in, hear truth from and hold you when you need it.

Here is how we will conjure together:

9a19bc134cecb01b50d3dabe951219c2Every other week your power pod of women and I will gather via phone (details below) to share your triumphs, fears, challenges and wisdoms with one another. We will open each call with a grounding exercise followed by a round of individual check-in & shares with a round of feedback and “aha’s”. We will close with gratitude’s and finish with “homeplay” assignments.

The purpose of homeplay is to sustain the “divine compliment frequency” and receiving energy of MANifestation. This process is essential to make the ongoing internal shifts necessary to conjuring your king. By partaking in specific practices in your daily life you maintain the vibration of attraction.

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How did I get here?

There I was, a little over 3 years ago, out to breakfast with dear friends and colleagues talking about how blessed we all were in our lives, businesses and partners. A few of the ladies around the table started sharing their frustrations with dating, finding quality men and where they were beginning to lose hope.

These were successful women, that seemingly had it all together and yet they were really disappointed that having deep connection, loving intimacy and lasting fulfillment with an amazing guy was alluding them.

As we all listened, asked questions and dove deeper, a massive download came into my body. It said, “You know how to help them, this is a walk in the park for you… tell them you can help.”

Eight years ago I had a similar voice speak to me. It was in that moment that I first became a coach to entrepreneurs and couples looking to deepen their relationship with self and others.

I ignored the voice for a little longer but as the conversation continued it got louder and louder… until I said, “Hey, you three, would you like help with that?” They each turned to me and said, “YES!”

A month later those three ladies along with a few other women from NYC embarked upon a deliciously fun, deep and healing journey into the heart of relationship and what it really takes to shift your perspective on men, what they want and how to call in your mate with me as their Divine Masculine guide.

“Divine Complement Conjuring” was born, and since then I have led 3 very select private groups of 3-5 women into deeper love of themselves and intern calling in their divine complement.

Once again, I find myself being asked to guide a select group of women into their hearts to find love.

If you long for a partner who will honor and adore you then keep reading because there is a fun and exciting way to manifest your ideal partner and I want to show you how by realigning your true North.

Due to the intimate nature of this work I am only able to hold space for a small group of women (around 8) to keep its potency. I already have a few lovely women enrolled and desire to find a few more women that are a perfect fit and are ready to write a new story when it comes to men.

If you ever feel at times there are “no good men” out there and have become frustrated with the dating scene, or are starting to lose hope that you’ll never find your soul-partner… then I encourage you to take the next step and schedule a 30-minutes discovery session with me to learn more about my offering and to see if it is a good fit for you.

The way dating, mating and courtship goes down these days is very different then even a few years ago. If you are still sitting at home longing for that connection with a conscious man that really gets you, I want you to know, that you are not alone, many women feel this way.

Do not lose hope and commit to being different. In order to create different results you have to BE something different. That is just the way it is.

On this call with me, you will gain insight into what might be in the way of calling in  your divine compliment and, if it feels like a right fit, I will encourage you to join me and a small group of smart, savvy, ready for love women to “Conjure their Divine Complement”


Who is Rono?

“It is a rare man who understands a woman. Even more rare is a man who understands a woman and knows her complicated, mysterious and emotional ways are her greatest assets. Rono’s gift is the capacity to be able to energetically “hold” a woman through her self un-covering process so that she can become her most authentic, powerful and exquisite expression of herself in the world. Rono authentically engenders the Divine Masculine that allows the unfolding of the Divine Feminine within his clients. Any conscious business woman who is ready to move into the new, high vibration, feminine version of herself would be a genius to hire Rono!”
~ A.A.

“Rono helps women find their true north”
~ S.S.R.

“Rono … your wise guidance and brilliant intuitive hand holding has been a huge part of my willingness to get out there and meet men, stand in what I know I deserve and navigate challenging relationship decisions like a queen! Thank you, working with you has been invaluable.”
~ S.L.

“Rono’s is pure magic and creates an amazing space so you can be sexy, in-control, and unforgettable where ever you go! Thank you Rono” 
~ M.S.

“Rono listens with presence and compassion. In addition, he has great capacity for understanding a multitude of complex topics. And while he has a humorous and lighthearted nature, there is also a depth of insight available to him that he applies skillfully to the situation at hand. As a result, I finally feel confident to move in the direction I have wanted to go, but didn’t know how to get there. He illuminates the path.”