Shift Happens

We offer evolutionary, boundary-expanding experiences for women & couples that awaken your innate abilities to create your next level reality. Every experience is by invite only and custom created for you.

If you are a leader, visionary or creative genius looking for an ecstatic way to be held, supported and met while deepening the intimacy, connection, and evolution of your relationship with your beloved or self, then you are are in the right place.

Exceptional Offerings

Eden World

Relationship sits at the center of human creation. How we are in relationship determines how we are as a society. When relationships thrive, humanity prospers.

Eden World offers a sanctuary for committed couples to evolve and empower their relationship in the company of other committed powerhouses, while simultaneously exploring your edges, opening your hearts and exploring your love.

Our focus as a beloved community are in the realms of sacred sexuality, expanded spirituality, social consciences and elevated wealth dynamics.

Women’s Rituals & Gatherings

Sierra has been supporting women’s evolution for nearly 20 years. The insight and experiences she brings to the table are truly awe-inspiring. From her 8 years as publisher of the RAY, a women’s empowerment magazine in Los Angeles, to her signature live events including Fun, Fabulous & Feminine, Pussy Church & Temple of Radiance, her work continues to change lives.

If you are a woman looking for true fulfillment and happiness in your life, take the next step and…

Magical Overnight Experiences

“Magical Overnight Experiences” are specifically designed for high vibrational committed partners looking to deepen their relationship in a highly curated and sacred container. It is also for a few select singles that are looking to call in their divine compliment or are in need of the kinds of healing & evolution that our unique community offers. MOE’s are offered 3 to 4 times a year and require an interview and application to see if you are a fit.

Heart Club: Private Membership For Visionary Couples

How would your life be different if you had other like-minded couples, committed to making this world a better place, to hang out within some of the worlds most breathtaking locations, a place where business in done in hot tubs n instead of boardrooms, and  be held by

Your experience makes the difference.

How would your life change if you were so comfortable in your skin that in every moment you were able to play full out as your most authentic self, you always felt your best and you oosed with confidence everywhere you went?


Sharing over 30 years of adventures together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, this dynamic duo has often been hailed as change agents, pleasure provocateurs, and ambassadors of fun. They are a transformational force and their life’s work is in supporting women & couples in being fully expressed as their authentic selves, all while authentically communicating their needs and desires.

Buckle up and get ready to grow!

New and Improved

After years of massive transformational growth, we are shifting out of the old business models that built our life and success. Starting this February 2018 we are embarking on a new endeavour called “Eden Rising” a private membership club for visionary couples.

If you are a visionary or evolutionary couple seeking like-minded, high-vibrational couples to play with, grow with and lead by partnership… Let us know you are interested and when we roll out the membership in the next few months you will be the first to know.

Email: us(at)

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