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Rebekah Rice, Permaculture ParadiseI loved their Marketing Made Simple class, but my one-on-one coaching session was especially OVER-THE-TOP! You both were THINKING so well about me and about how to shift my business to actually make money for the first time-- I felt truly SEEN!

Rebekah Rice, Permaculture Paradise

Janice Lynch, Medium & Intuitive Gifts TeacherI didn't think I needed marketing help. I knew I was stuck, but didn't think marketing was the problem. Rono and Sierra brought new insights and challenges that broke me free. I learned how to move forward in my business, and I experienced the real value of my own mission in life. Sierra and Rono honestly value each participant in their classes. Their tried and true methods offer tremendous guidelines for success. I felt uplifted by their exuberance and passion for living.

Janice Lynch, Medium & Intuitive Gifts Teacher
Janice Lynch

Abigail Thurston, KinesiologistLife Stylized offers many cool and laser individualized services to help you succeed as an individual or a business if you are ready for a growth spurt.

Abigail Thurston, Kinesiologist
Dance With Fibro

Donna Gagnon, Infotainment ServicesRono and Sierra continue share their growth and successes both organically and outwardly through their Life Stylized Programs. They are a positive, energetic and informative team that strives to encourage and touch new lives every day. They are, most definitely, "Two thumbs up"!

Donna Gagnon, Infotainment Services

Cynthia Ferrone Eletto, owner, The Pilates StudioThanks to Rono & Sierra I am getting organized (my office, my work week schedule) so I can stay better focused. And it’s working. As I’m clearing out the clutter, new business is showing up. Money manifestation is happening just by intention. The day after our last coaching call, a new client called up totally unsolicited.

Cynthia Ferrone Eletto, owner, The Pilates Studio

Eva D'Luscious, Burlesque performerWorking with Life Stylized is one of the best things I've ever done for my business. I've gone from someone who said "I just don't do technology" to being excited about completing my website with Rono's help and learning the technical details of creating eZine's. You have helped me get over my technological block and get excited about using it to reach my tribe. But the most beautiful gift was the unexpected one of tuning into my purpose and tribe. Since our first informal meeting I have put these practices into place and have been amazed at how quickly everything is shifting.

Eva D'Luscious, Burlesque performer
Eva D'Luscious

Jamie Macica, Dental Industry ConsultantI've traveled all over the country and paid top dollar for the workshops that I can now find at the Life Stylized Success Center. I am SO happy to have this caliber of personal development right in my own back yard!

Jamie Macica, Dental Industry Consultant

Alaina Mormile, Yoga Therapist “Working with Rono and Sierra helped me to bring in over $1200 in less than 4 weeks (and during the crazy holiday season) which was the biggest revenue month I’ve had so far…and I just began my business a few months ago! ”

Alaina Mormile, Yoga Therapist

Peggy Gray, Clothing Designer“My business was struggling to take off because of my exhaustion from working my day job for so long. Rono & Sierra helped me see that I could earn even more money in less time by focusing in on a few key pieces of my business. I am happy to report that I have officially quit my day job and have since had my first record month of sales!”

Peggy Gray, Clothing Designer
22 Shades Of Gray

Donna M Panzl, MA, LMT “Since working with Rono and Sierra, I have re-branded my original business, started a new, complimentary business and increased overall sales by 20%. More importantly, I have a lot more confidence and happiness. And, I’m just getting started!”

Donna M Panzl, MA, LMT
Be Well With Donna

Wendy Wood OrdwayLifeStylized has changed my life and helped me see what I need to do to be successful with my new business The Body’s Rhythm! Sierra and Rono have a wealth of knowledge to share!

Wendy Wood Ordway
Craniosacral therapist

Robert BraatheI’ve attended Rono and Sierra’s workshops and events and participated in both personal business and group business coaching. Each experience has brought more abundance and focus to my business.

Robert Braathe
Business Consultant


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