Do you struggle with money?

Ok, let’s fess up… money can be a darn struggle at times. I know! Been there done that, could have written the book. And in my own ups and downs with money, I have come to understand that money (how much or how little I have at any given time) is a mere reflection of […]

What “never in a million” story is now a reality for you?

I just got back from a four day adventure in Canada with the beautiful and talented Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio where I was invited to participate in her next nü Icon movie coming out this fall. Being part of this movie was a long time desire that I was excited to say yes […]

I’m scared to show you this but…

A few weeks ago I asked you to share what you are most struggling with. Many of the answers I received revolved around body image, so today’s video inspiration is a raw & real share from me about how this topic has affected me personally, what I’ve done about it and where I offer you […]

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed today?  Feeling like you are missing out on opportunities? We live in a culture that is overstimulating, overworked and more often than not, operating in overwhelm. Can you relate? You see, when you are feeling stressed out and maxed out, there is no possible way for you to have the clarity […]

May I ask you something personal?

I’ve been empowering women for over 13 years to awaken to their truest, divine feminine self and get MORE out of life with LESS effort. Though I have a pretty good idea of what challenges and limiting beliefs you face to keep you from experiencing your most amazing life, I want to know directly from […]

How to get more business while having more fun

In all my years of being in business, I rarely (if ever) hear anyone say they couldn’t use more business or more connections. What I DO hear (too often) is… Those networking events are boring. I can’t afford to go to that. Business could be better. I’m tired of putting out so much effort and […]

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