As promised, here is my special announcement…

But before I tell you, I want you to know that I just returned from an epic new moon women’s retreat hosted by my dear friend and soul sister, Rose Cole and I have to say… the magic and power that we ignited will definitely have a lasting impact on what’s to come both on an inner realm and an outer realm of womankind.

And that’s where you come in sister!

Big things are happening for women at the moment and I know you are feeling it too, consciously or subconsciously, because something told you to open this email today.

So, since you are here with me now, let me take a moment, to let you know that I truly care about you and the well being of women. Deeply. I feel that you have powerful gifts to offer this world and the time for you to shine is and express those gifts without having to do, or make or be anything but your glorious self.

Unfortunately, what keeps a woman like you from living her destiny and in full radiance is a direct result of allowing the muck of this world to cover you up and weigh you down.

It happens over time and shows up most when we get caught up in a mindset that has us seeking answers and validation outside ourselves. Or when we run our tanks dangerously low without proper refilling activities and it causes us to stall out and die a little bit inside.

That’s why I want to do something really special for you this week to make it incredibly easy to say YES to you and fill your tanks to the max with goodness.

Last year I launched the first ever virtual version of my super popular Fun Fabulous & Feminine live experience, called the Fun Fab Fem Playground because I wanted to make sure that the tools, techniques and sisterhood that drastically changed the lives of so many women who attended the live event… became available to as many woman as possible.

I did this so that you dear one, could jump into the drivers seat of your destiny and fulfill your life dreams with ease, pleasure and fun!

And, since the last live event back in March where I “blew it all up”… I have been on my own internal journey of going even deeper into these teachings and discovering even more clarity in exactly how potent the tools I offer can be for every woman who is committed to her spiritual awakening without having to work harder, or do more.

For today, and this week only, I am offering this incredible 6-week program, normally $297… for only $22.

Yep- you read that right!  For just $22, you can join an adventure in sisterhood, pleasure, fun, and self-mastery… and, be guided every step of the way by a dedicated Playground Coach named Kimberly who has been personally trained by me to help you get the most from this course.

This virtual training was created especially for you, the busy entrepreneur, the mom doing way too much and for every woman that is tired of having to do so much to prove themselves in this “mans world”.

This exclusive master class is for women who are tired of the status quo and committed to their greatness, the feminine way.

For your small investment of $22, you will gain…

  • Get crystal clear on what you want for your life and know how to get it.
  • Rediscover what your heart truly yearns for then turn that yearning into fuel for success.
  • Know those nagging voices in your head? You will learn a fun way to tame them and turn them into your allies.
  • Learn why sisterhood is the #1 ingredient to a successful life for a woman.
  • Learn to manifest on command. Instantly… really… anything… instantly.
  • And so much more!

Visit for more information and to sign up for this limited offer of only $22!

Join us and watch your life shift with ease and fun!

How to embrace your emotions

There she blows, again!

Rono and I are on our annual driving adventure back from Los Angeles, to spend our summer in upstate NY and this time, I felt called to take the northern route east and visit Yellowstone National Park along our path.

I’ve been called there for several reasons, but the big one is to connect with more majestic nature and to continue to work with the medicine of yellow that started with my nü icon movie debut last summer.  (link to the nu icon articles on the LS blog)

What I received from our trek through this stunning national park was amazing and I could share so much, but what really got me was our visit to Old Faithful, the most well known geyser in the park.

One of the things I thought of when seeing this geyser is that Mama Gaia, much like any woman… needs to blow off steam when stuff boils and builds up for too long under her surface. And this amazing geyser is where hundreds of thousands of tourists get to witness this stunning release.


In fact, it is done with such faithful regularity (every 90 minutes or so) that it has become a precious, much celebrated, natural wonder (even though if you get to close you will be burned alive).

It had me wondering where we might lend the same wonder and awe to the raw emotion that we women hold on a daily basis and instead how much we’ve been taught to suppress this powerful force within.

And the irony is, that suppression is exactly what causes us to blow things out of proportion and often times leave a burn on those who are in the path of this wrath. And then we’re certainly not touted as beautiful and majestic, but rather labeled as crazy, insane and bitchy.

That’s why I am a HUGE proponent of women embracing their emotions and allowing them to flow in a healthy way so that our burst of hot steam comes as a choice and as a celebrated offering to the world.

Wondering how that happens?

Here are my top 3 tried and true ways to work with your boiling point in ways that serve you and the ones you love (without leaving any burn scars).


1. Notice your warning signs

We all know when we’re feeling “off” and when the blood begins to boil.  Whether you are in an argument with your partner or triggered by a co-worker, there are always warning signs that you are about to blow. Before you hit that boiling point, get really good at noticing the warning signs.

They may range from heat rising up your neck and head, to an overwhelming sense of anxiety in your body or a tightness in your chest. As soon as you become aware of this it’s time for a pattern interrupt.

One of my favorite ways to move that energy before it takes hold is to get up and shake my body. Just like a dog does. Give yourself a full shake and shiver. You may look and feel a little silly at first, but the alternative is someone being IN the doghouse.

Breath is great tool as well, however something even more physical may be needed to truly disrupt the energy. Often times simply moving your body into any new position like standing up and stretching, to sitting down and letting out a sigh, can shift things significantly.

2. Get grateful, not hateful.
(This one is a bit of a ninja move but I know you can handle it.)

When I feel triggered by something and the heat of anger or frustration begins to rise, I have a inner mantra that I turn to that brings me back to my ability to see that everyone is really an expression of God and that this moment is here to help me grow.

When I am feeling reactive, I begin to recite a “Thank You” mantra, (usually through clenched teeth) over and over again in my head until I can feel myself soften.

What am I thankful for?  Well, I believe that when my button is being pushed, that it’s not about the person pushing it, but rather about me having the button to begin with.

So as I feel into what is being pushed, I seek gratitude for this person or situation in helping me to become aware of that fact that I have this button thus giving me a chance to explore what’s really creating this reaction. More often than not, it helps me see patterns that I am ready to let go of that have nothing to do with the actual situation. A true gift.


3. Piss it out!

When the ability to pull off a Ninja move isn’t available to you and the eruption is simply inevitable, here is what you need to do…

Excuse yourself immediately and get your sweet little pissed off ass to the nearest closed off space. This can be a closet, bathroom, garage, or even your car.

As soon as you get there, let out as many screams, grunts and groans as you need to and allow the lava to flow out. Thrash around, stomp your feet, pond your fists and move that energy OUT.  Have yourself a good old fashioned temper tantrum and give yourself FULL permission to let er’ rip!

Your anger is probably runs a lot deeper than that individual moment and if you allow it to flow you will actually discover what’s underneath.

If you find yourself crying, that’s ok too. Often times anger is just masked sadness or a cover-up for deep grief.  Giving yourself the space to express it without having it spill all over your life and the people in it, will help you find more zen next time you’re being triggered.

What often causes the unhealthy outbursts is the pressure to keep it all inside. When we befriend our anger and allow it to flow, it can have a truly cathartic effect on our lives.

Women are emotional creatures and suppressing our emotions because we have no systems to releasing them leads to a lot of not so fun things like depression, anxiety, diseases, body pain and more.

The other key piece to all of this is having a strong community of sisterhood to support you.

Your story, your rage, your emotions are not unique.

I repeat… what you feel on a daily basis is not unique.

If you are a woman, then you are not alone in your emotional ups and downs and no matter what the story you tell, we have ALL gone through something similar.

Connecting with a regular group of sisters who can support you, hold you and listen to you is imperative to your well being on this planet.

If you currently do not have a sisterhood and desire to be part of one, I invite you to start by joining our online community of Fun Fab Fem Girlfriends, a group of women coming together to celebrate all faces of being a woman.

See you there!

Change how you manifest money

I am so blown away by the heartfelt responses I received to my last email about how I blew up my brand and what I am shifting into. It seems that many of you are feeling VERY similar and that it is indeed time for a collective shift.

As I deepen into my own personal re-alignment and begin to get clearer on what will be the most pleasurable, sacred and fun way to offer my mission and message to the world what has come to me is a desire to simply give my gifts to the world without “having” to turn it into a money making venture.

This is not to say that making money is not important or valuable, but in my awakening, I am seeking to place far less importance on the making of money and instead focus more on who I BE and what resonance I wish to create for myself.

I am crystal clear that within that frequency, all my needs and desires will be met and that the more I give, the more I receive.  Especially when it is done from pure generosity and not a from a place of trying to gain.

So, my dear, pay attention because over the next few months I’ll be sporadically gifting you with some of my juiciest content and audio programs that I know will help serve as a guide to you in your awakening.

I invite you to enjoy this powerful audio gift on Money Mindset & Manifestation where I get raw & real with three amazing and gifted colleagues of mine.

In this Power Circle audio we explore the mindset of money manifestation and what kind of thoughts, attitudes and beliefs you need to have to increase your financial flow.

You will uncover:

  • Hidden beliefs about money that hold you back from prosperity & abundance.
  • How to think differently about money and the role it plays in your life.
  • Ways to see untapped resources of money all around you.
  • The importance of daily, positive focus on finance.

This audio interview is part of the Power Circles for Powerful Women Series, and it’s all yours to listen to and download.


Take some space for you and enjoy the audio at your own pace.

If you have been feeling what I am feeling about money and are desiring a new way to create wealth in your life (outside of the work hard, do do do model), then this audio is a perfect way to begin your journey.

Enjoy these goodies and be sure to share you aha-has with us below….

I blew up my brand!

A few months ago, I was in the middle of my annual live event when I was struck by a lighting rod of truth. I realized that I had been living a lie and that so much of what I created in my business was based on that lie.

In that very moment, with tears in my eyes and in front of more than 60 women I shared my truth, bared my soul and declared a huge part of my business and revenue stream- OVER.


What I had become aware of and awake to was a deeply ingrained pattern that had insidiously taken over and was casting a shadow on the purity of my true purpose. I realized that I had become so wrapped up in the business of transformation that I had lost connection to the truth of how I wanted to express my mission and message.

Since this powerful awakening, I have been slowing way down to recalibrate what I truly desire my life and business to look like. I am steadily peeling away the layers that built up causing my business to feel heavy and no longer fun.

I’ve been deconstructing my money stories and slowly crafting a new way of calling in the resources I need to live my life and desired lifestyle.  I’ve committed to spending another summer at our Love Shack on the Lake, a simple yet sacred home in upstate NY where Rono and I go to re-envision our life, business and relationship.

Being far away from the distractions and lure of the go go go, ego driven energies that can be all consuming in our usual environments and industry gives us a chance to become more present to what we really desire. From this slower paced and earth energy connected place, we are more able to distinguish what is truly in alignment with our vision and mission versus what we “think” we need to do to keep up with the world around us.

One thing I am more present to, is that so many of us have lost sight of what really matters in the world. Our society has continued to value profit over people and prestige over planet driving us to hit a critical tipping point in a direction of unhappily forever after. Our food is poisoned, our feelings are shunned, our fears are heightened and our essential life giving commodities of soil, air and water are being pillaged and raped by corporate greed. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg we’re careening toward.

In all honesty, the awakening I personally had spans far beyond what I am here “to do” in the world. I am clear that what I heard was a global cry of Gaia asking all of us to wake up from our misguided and disillusioned stupor that is driving our joy and humanity into the ground.

If you’ve gotten this far, I know that you are resonating in some way with this and if you’re not already in the process of your own awakening, then I would bet that you are ready for one.

Something is off and has been for a while, and though you have the signs and signals to prove it, you’re still in overdrive / override mode because of some logical and cultural voice in your head that says you must keep going or, god forbid, be left behind.

I have felt that FOMO (fear of missing out) many times yet… when I’ve given myself the permission to actually let go, which I have done more than once in this lifetime, what I’ve been shown is that the turtle actually arrives much happier, healthier and far more relaxed than the frantic, distracted and ego driven hare.

What I know for sure is that what is happening to our planet is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. It’s the macrocosm to the microcosm of the self-poison we inflict on ourselves daily.  And we can scream and yell and march and fight all we want, but if we don’t resolve the internal battle that is constantly waging inside, there will never be peace on earth.

The healing of the world is the healing of within though I’m not going to deny- that is some of the most challenging work you will ever do. To realize and take responsibility for the life you have created… the world WE have collectively created… and to make choices that go against the grain of society is not a path for the faint of heart.

And, I know that you are ready and willing or you wouldn’t still be here, right now, with me.

Much to many marketing mentors chagrin, I am not here to offer you any fix quick formula, template, map or blueprint to solve your problems or help you save the world with your mission. I simply want to remind you that if you are not happy with any aspect of your life, you can change it. Even if it means blowing up your brand from your own stage. All it takes in the courage and willingness to listen and leap.

There is a wise oracle that resides within you who is ready to guide you IF you are willing to let her lead. She will gladly show you the way, IF you are willing to let go of the struggle and striving to get to the top of a mountain that has no peak. She will happily help you to see what is right with you IF you are willing to stop pointing out all that’s wrong… with the world and yourself.

What are you still holding on to that no longer serves you? Look to what has defined you and now confines you.

Are you ready to let go and be free? If so, then I invite you to come with me.

Where I am going and how I plan to get there matters not at this point. As a wise friend once told me, the more we make things matter the denser they become. And I am tired of all the dense thinking of this world.

For me and possibly you too… I’m ready for buoyancy, lightness of heart and to experience true freedom… the kind that cannot be taken or impeded upon by any outside force.

What I desire to know is… are you picking up what I’m putting’ down?
Are you ready to take a leap? Walk through the portal? To say yes to the deeper truth that is begging for your attention?  

If the answer is yes, I invite you reply to this post and tell me so.  

Tell me… What your heart yearns for. What you are ready to let go of. What that quiet voice inside is whispering to you.

I have nothing specific to offer you at this point but I want to know your answers to those questions. I want to know who you are. I want to know if you share this awakening with me.

Do tell. I am listening.

With love,

How to embrace your desires now!

Now is the time . . . to embrace what you desire.

The words “embrace what you desire” may be uncomfortable for you. Do you hear a voice inside your head saying, “I’m not supposed to WANT anything, I’m a spiritual person” or “I thought I was supposed to be happy with what is present now.”

Embracing what you desire is not about material things; it is about recognizing your authentic self and calling forth all that will support you in that vision.

Perhaps giving to others is most important to you and you have always envisioned yourself having the freedom to travel and volunteer your time around the world.

Who do you need to be and what do you need in your life in order to move towards that vision?

How about a career that is flexible and allows you to take time off, a body that is healthy and can travel with ease or connections with organizations that sponsor volunteer trips.

As we continue to delve in to this New Year, will you take some time to embrace what you desire?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself and journal about to get super clear:

1. What are you doing when you feel the most joy in your life?

2. What qualities do you bring forth with ease in multiple areas of your life?

3. Who do you need to be and what do you need in your life to move towards that vision?

4. What small steps can you take TODAY to create more opportunities that move you towards your vision?

This is your time to embrace your desires, what will you do to become more aware of your authentic self and how you can call forth all that will support you in that vision?

Let us know what this experience is like for you and any tips you may have for us.  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW….

When my self-hatred turned to self-love

As I shared with you in the last blog post, gearing myself up to film the nü Icon movie brought up lots of dormant and ready to be healed body image stuff for me.

After spending the last year as a bi-coastal nomad, I haven’t been the best at maintaining my workout and eating habits and as a result I have gained 17 pounds.

Despite adding those extra pounds and turning 40 this year, I have learned to love myself even more deeply as a result turning my own personal empowerment education up a notch this year.

However, the thought of being filmed for the world to see when I’m at my “heaviest” weight forced me to come face to face with my deepest desire which is, to love my body and feel sexy no matter what weight or age I am.

You see, the thing about desires, as I have come to know (and teach), is that when you live in to them, and find the most pleasurable way to enjoy the conjuring of them, they are guaranteed to manifest.

Note the part I said about enjoying the waiting period.

The tricky part is being able to recognize and receive ones desires when they show up. And this, my friend, is where I had the biggest opportunity for growth and transformation in my nü Icon experience.

You see, about two months before I got the invitation to participate, I had made a commitment to go one layer deeper within The School of Womanly Arts by signing up for their highest level program.

When I was presented that program, I watched the dozens or more graduates of that program strut their beauty (all shapes, sizes and ages) across the stage, unapologetically, in all sorts of revealing and sexy clothing.

Those ladies were the best representation of women owning their power and expressing body confidence that I had EVER seen. I knew I had to have that! These women were living proof of my desire and what seemed to be the pathway to it.

Fast forward to the day I got the invite from Laura Hollick to be one of her nü Icons representing the color yellow. Not only were the stars perfectly aligned for this opportunity but it also felt like a perfect way to be in pleasure and joy around my body desire.

When I showed up in Canada to do the filming, I had no choice but to own and embody all of me, extra pounds and all. It’s what I had to work with and the body I was there to love.

Through the process Laura took us on, I became even clearer about my Iconic Essence and because I was chosen to represent the color yellow a lot of energy of my former business, The RAY magazine started to come forward.

Not so ironically, I had started The RAY magazine because of my personal struggles with body image and though the magazine has since evolved into my current Fun, Fabulous & Feminine offerings which are still designed to help women own and express their full radiance. It is all is still very much my main mission.

One of our past RAY taglines was, “A Source To Empower Your Inner Light” and now here I was, coming full circle in many ways to live and fully embody the message of The RAY in a whole new light while truly shining my inner light for the world to see in all it’s yellow radiance.

Here’s where the real magic came through.

During the photo shoot, I went for it. And I mean I really went for it.

I dove head first into expressing the full radiance of my iconic essence by choosing to bear it all in a very fun and artistic way. It was a blast and I felt very aligned and great about what we had created for my image.

And then I got the photo.

Interestingly enough when one desires and asks for something as big and bold as full appreciation and complete acceptance of my body, it doesn’t just happen. It’s a choice. And the moment I got the photo I was faced with that choice.

But because of the skin I was still shedding and the old “script” I was still running about myself, my first reaction to the photo was devastation.

I took one look at my photo and wanted to crawl in a hole from shame and embarrassment. How could THAT possibly be my iconic essence???

I was mortified. Clearly this was not the reaction I desired from being a part of this experience.

What I did next changed everything. I breathed through it, did my deep internal work and got on the phone immediately with Laura to discuss my feelings. I knew that I was committed to seeing this whole thing differently and deeply desired to turn this around. And, I knew that regardless of my perceived perception, there was more to be seen and understood.

Laura, in her infinite and shamanistic wisdom had a sense that perhaps my reaction was simply the perfect workings of the “medicine” of this process (that’s the whole point of the nü Icon vision quest).

After speaking with her and having her expertly guide me to reclaim my desire to love and accept my body and be able to walk across the “proverbial” stage of life in full ecstatic expression, no matter what size I was, I looked at my photo again and burst into tears.

There it was!  I had

My nü Icon photo was the fullest and most divine expression of my radiance I had ever seen! And here was my desire, fully manifested in all it’s glorious form for me (and the world) to see.

Now was the real moment for me to make my choice… to see, own and express that which I had within me all along.

It was time to receive that which I had consciously conjured and already possessed.

And in the words of Glinda the Good Witch, “You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

So,  if you follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road that I have paved for you, I am curious, what do YOU most desire that might already reside within you? And what will it take for you to bring it forward?

Share your answers to these questions below.

Shine On-

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