How to embrace your desires now!

Now is the time . . . to embrace what you desire. The words “embrace what you desire” may be uncomfortable for you. Do you hear a voice inside your head saying, “I’m not supposed to WANT anything, I’m a spiritual person” or “I thought I was supposed to be happy with what is present […]

Read on so you don’t miss out

What an awesome and busy season this has been for Rono and me. We have so much to share with you that I don’t even know where to start! I guess we’ll start with this fun thing… We’re back on the road again to Los Angeles for the whole month of November and we’ll be […]

Do you struggle with money?

Ok, let’s fess up… money can be a darn struggle at times. I know! Been there done that, could have written the book. And in my own ups and downs with money, I have come to understand that money (how much or how little I have at any given time) is a mere reflection of […]

Get it ALL done and have more “ME” time

Hey, it’s Rono here, jumping in with a special video for you while Sierra is away this weekend filming this years nü Icon Movie with Laura Hollick. Sierra is so excited about this because it is something she had been desiring for a long time that finally manifested for her. She mentioned how she manifested […]

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed today?  Feeling like you are missing out on opportunities? We live in a culture that is overstimulating, overworked and more often than not, operating in overwhelm. Can you relate? You see, when you are feeling stressed out and maxed out, there is no possible way for you to have the clarity […]

Where do you stop yourself?

Rono and I are back from our trip to Costa Rica which was beyond magical.  This trip was part business, part retreat and part honeymoon… which after 5 years of marriage, we finally gave ourselves permission to take! You see, traveling for the pure “pleasure of it” was not something that made our priority list, […]

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