Read on so you don’t miss out

What an awesome and busy season this has been for Rono and me. We have so much to share with you that I don’t even know where to start! I guess we’ll start with this fun thing… We’re back on the road again to Los Angeles for the whole month of November and we’ll be […]

New Addition to Our Family

Last weekend Rono and I welcomed in our newest family member… a hundred year old Steinway piano! One of Rono’s many talents is that he is a professionally trained opera singer and after years of putting his singing career on the “back burner” he has decided to come officially “out of retirement” to bring more […]

We fell off the wagon

This is YOUR week to… Stay On Course! What have you committed to lately that you might be slipping up on? Last week, Rono and I facilitated our Rock Your Biz Retreat at the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa and even though we only live eight minutes from the Gideon, we decided to stay at […]

Embrace What You Want Now

Now is the time . . . to embrace what you want. Last week, we encouraged you to take stock of all that you have created and accomplished in the past year. This week, we are asking you to… look ahead. The words “embrace what you want” may be uncomfortable for you. Do you hear […]

Who are you talking to?

This is YOUR week to… pay attention to who you’re asking for advice. The hot water heater is broken in your apartment, rent is due, and your landlord has known for WEEKS that it needs to get fixed.  Do you pay the rent anyways and trust that he will make the repair or do you […]

Space, the needed frontier

This is YOUR week to… take some space. Sierra and I spend on average about 23 hours a day together.  We sleep together, eat together, work together, play together and… you guessed it… sometimes fight together.  It can be a challenge sometimes to stay in the best state of mind with one another.  After a […]

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