What are you wearing?

This is YOUR week to… get comfy in your clothes. Is it fun to be fashionable? Yes! Does it feel good to wear clothes that express your personality? Absolutely!! Does it have to be at the cost of taking care of your body? No!!! I have recently begun to think of my body as the […]

How can I let go of this pain?

So often in life we want the quick fix and that instant gratification is what drives us day to day. Unfortunately we are left with this insatiable appetite for desiring even more. All of the sudden we find ourselves unfulfilled and longing for more then we posses at the time. We skirt around the issues […]

Why not me?

Do you ever find yourself looking around at other people’s lives or success and wonder… why not me? We call this the “comparison trap” and it is the fastest way to steal the thunder from your daily joy. You see, when you compare yourself to others, it causes you to make a whole lot of […]

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