Do you suffer from pleasure resistance?

I have been deep in the study and practice of bringing more pleasure into my life as a way to free up stuck energies, break through old patterns and well, enjoy my life a heck of a lot more and I am thrilled to share my findings with you! But before I give you a […]

Do you hate paying bills?

I used to hate paying bills because it brought up all my negative beliefs about money (especially when things were tight). Do you ever feel this way? Let’s face it, of the few things that are guaranteed in life (besides laundry, dishes and taxes)… paying bills is something we all have to do. It can […]

What are you wearing?

This is YOUR week to… get comfy in your clothes. Is it fun to be fashionable? Yes! Does it feel good to wear clothes that express your personality? Absolutely!! Does it have to be at the cost of taking care of your body? No!!! I have recently begun to think of my body as the […]

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