Four L’s of Effortless Feminine Manifestation

This week’s video is all about how to get what you want with less effort using what we call, the Four L’s of Effortless Feminine Manifestation. If you’re working way too hard in ANY area of your life and are ready to discover an easier way to do things (and get things)… then this video […]

Space, the needed frontier

This is YOUR week to… take some space. Sierra and I spend on average about 23 hours a day together.  We sleep together, eat together, work together, play together and… you guessed it… sometimes fight together.  It can be a challenge sometimes to stay in the best state of mind with one another.  After a […]

Are you one of those people who say…

One of the most dreaded words we hear in our business is the word, TRY. “I’ll TRY to change.” “I’m TRYING to be better.” “I’ll TRY to be there.” Newsflash… you can never TRY to do anything.  You either DO it or you DON’T. Saying that you will “try” means that you aren’t fully committed.  […]

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