Effortless Feminine Manifestation

Imagine spending a week surrounded by nature and other like minded women as you journey through a deep but playful experience to rediscover your feminine power and gifts.


Join us for a live retreat in the magical redwoods of Santa Cruz where you will learn to let go of anxiety and stress and awaken to a path of ease, flow and abundance.

This December, 3-8 

Our mission is to awaken and inspire conscious evolution for the greater good of humanity by offering life expanding experiences for women and couples.

The Love-Up

Join Sierra each week to dive deep into reality creation using your personal pleasure, femininity and expression to  manifest your desires.


The Art of Effortless Feminine Manifestation

Would you like to learn a simple formula that creates major magnetism for your desires? Are you ready to take your manifestation powers to a whole new level and stop working your butt off to “make” your dreams come true?  Learn how with this free video series.


Sacred Space

Most relationship struggles happen because we simply don’t know how to communicate with one another. That’s why we want to share our #1 go to communication practice that has personally saved our relationship in more ways than one. 


Everything Pussy

A woman who honors her pussy and all of its power, honors herself and creates a powerful life. It’s time to get acquainted with your divine portal of life and see just how powerful you can actually be.


Deepen Your Relationship With Your Partner.

Our “Magical Overnight Experiences” are specifically designed for high vibrational committed partners looking to deepen their relationship in a highly curated and sacred container.

The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

This weekend as we unwind and celebrate with family and friends we are reminded of the power of choice. Nothing in life is by chance, we create our own existence, good or bad... by choice. Scholars, theologians and scientists agree that the ONE ability that separates...

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