Welcome Friend.

You’re probably here because someone in our beloved community has made an initial introduction to us because they feel that you would benefit from and be a fabulous addition to the community we’ve gathered and the transformational experiences we offer.

We’re super glad you’re here and very much look forward to an opportunity to connect with you more personally and share the details of our gatherings with you.

The gatherings we curate are focused on the realms of the heart and the evolution of Partnership Consciousness.

Partnership Consciousness is the commitment to relationships (all kinds) in which both parties / partners / people feel committed to a sense of purpose, and that purpose is growth. Individual and collective growth…. as a couple, as friends or as partners in life, business or other. The type of growth that makes the world a better place. It is also about the balance and highest expression of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

We gather every few months for a mind and heart opening, signature gathering we call… Magical Overnight Experiences.

These “Overnight Experiences” are specifically designed for high vibrational committed partners looking to deepen their relationship in a highly curated and sacred container. It is also for a few select singles that are looking to call in their divine compliment or are in need of the kinds of healing & evolution that our unique community offers.

Each experience is specifically created to be a playful, heart-centered and enriching space to explore relationship… to ourselves, to others and to our world.

Because our events are highly curated, we need to make sure we have the exact right alchemy of souls at each experience. For that reason, we require a personal connect call with every new person who may be interested in attending.

We invite you to watch the above video to get a sense of our energy, who we are and what we are up to.  Then, if you feel called to go deeper with us and receive an official invitation to join us for one of our magical gatherings, please click below and (for ease) you will be directed to a place where you can easily schedule a connect call with us.



We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Hugs & Love-



PS-  Once we speak and get to know each other better, we will know…

1. If you’re a great fit for our community.

2. If what we offer is desired by you and in alignment with what you’re seeking for your evolution.

If both are a YES, we will give you the FULL scoop on what our Overnight Experiences are all about and we will send you specific details on everything you’ll need to know prepare for them (what to wear, where to go, what to bring, etc).

PPS- This gathering is both an Experiential Playshop and Sacred Ceremony where we use the power of play, community and various states of consciousness to examine matters of the heart, mind, body and soul.

(Note– Although lots of intimacy and deep soul connecting activities do happen, this gathering is NOT a “play party.”  Instead, the focus is on raising our levels of personal consciousness, healing long held wounds or beliefs that may hold you back, all while experiencing empowering breakthroughs in life, love and purpose. We want people to feel sexy, we want people to be free, but this is NOT a sex party.)

Who are we? 

Rono & Sierra are often described as a dynamic duo and transformational force who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting women & couples in awakening their highest potential and realigning their north star to create powerful evolutions in life, love and spirituality.

Sharing over 30 years of adventure together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, change agents, ceremony facilitators, pleasure provocateurs and ambassadors of fun, Rono & Sierra are known for creating extraordinary experiences and powerful containers to catalyze one’s dreams and desires.

As curators of magic and mischief, they have a knack for magnetizing high frequency, conscious people who seek playful and profound experiences in which to enrich their lives.

By attending a Rono & Sierra experience, you will walk away with a deeper knowing of who you truly are, clarity on what is the most fun and aligned pathway for you to walk and an expansive feeling in your heart for just how sweet and juicy life can be.

Contact us at us@lifestylized.com / 518.290.6690

Rave Reviews:

“We enjoyed the most connected, best sex of our lives afterwards. I truly understand the power of spiritual connection with my wife. I see her totally differently now and she is more amazing than ever!”

“I learned what it was like to fully love myself and take care of me for a change. I am forever grateful for this shift.”

“I finally healed the trauma that has been in the way of my life and mission. I feel whole for the first time.”

“10 years of personal development and self-love practices don’t even hold a torch to what I received from this night.”

“My inner lion has been awakened and I can see my life’s purpose so clearly now.”

“The resistance I had to my true divine purpose has been lifted and I am 110% on track to my destiny since this experience.”

“Everything is brighter and things are showing up with so much ease now. I’m attracting incredible people and opportunities into my life without any effort.”

“I’ve found my soul family and plan to be a part of these gatherings for as long as possible.”

“You guys cracked my heart wide open and I’m still recovering – or perhaps I’ll never recover and that’s probably a good thing. During those couple days at the Chalice Palace (which felt like a couple weeks!) the revelations were raining down on me.”

“The gaping wound/ hole in my heart got completely sealed up and I am feeling back to my playful self again.”