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When what you crave out of life feels so far away, how do you bridge the gap between your current reality and your big dreams and desires?

Check out this weeks video where Sierra offers a valuable tool and fun daily practice that she swears by to help shorten the time between you and the life you know you are meant for.

Be sure to have a pen and piece of paper handy for this exercise and let us know what you discovered by commenting below.

What are you celebrating this year?

As you may have seen from our latest videos and emails we are on the road sight seeing our way to the sunshine in LA for the winter.

While we were enjoying a visit with a friend in Albuquerque, New Mexico we got inspired to share a special practice that you can use to celebrate…

  • Your significant other and acknowledge all that he/ she does for you (so you get more of those things).
  • All the amazingly “feel good” moments of your day (so you get more of those things).
  • What 2014 (or any year) brought your way in the terms of pleasure, joy and abundance (so you get more of those things).

If you are wanting to bring more feel good moments and manifestations in to your life, love and business, then this video is a MUST WATCH.

It is important to remember, the more you celebrate, even the little things in your life, the more you are going to get what you want!

Give gratitude and celebrate the last few days of the year with us! Watch this video and learn how.

Is your agenda getting in the way?

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in all the expectations of this time of year?

Are you someone who frets way too much over the seating chart at Christmas dinner?

Do you find yourself spending more time obsessing over getting your holiday cards or year end email offers out instead of what you promised your kids or significant other you’d do with them?

Regardless of what causes you duress during the holidays, we want to remind you that it’s always a choice in how you show up in each moment.

As Rono and I continue to make our way from NY to LA, we learned a valuable lesson about choice. Choice to be more in the flow or to force our agenda. We chose to let go of our agenda and savor the special moments that were available to us to spend time with loved ones and rest.

Check out what we learned and how this lesson will help you bring more joy, ease and pleasure to your holiday season and beyond!

If you are someone that finds the holidays stressful for any reason, then this video is for YOU!

For those of you who are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or anything else … we wish you the power to make a choice to stay in joy, light and happiness all throughout this season and beyond!

Goodbye NY, Hello LA!

We have BIG news to share with you today. Rono and I are pulling up our East coast roots and are headed back to Los Angeles for the winter to take the next big leap in our life and business.

If you’re curious to know what prompted this decision and how you can benefit from it, check out this week’s video…

HINT… we are stepping into a new place with our business and have decided to stop offering offer some of our best selling programs. Read below to learn more.

As much as we’ll miss our beloved community of Saratoga Springs, we are SO happy to be reconnecting with our LA tribe. Stay tuned for more on what’s to come for our triumphant West coast return!

OOVeBuG_txWu4j4cl6ZsQ15trW2cq4vKYz_yyEpFQB3SAOuwy4-IRVbX1DfCTCb55e75UzW0K-4FJP2ODzOf7A=s0As Rono and I prepare for our move from the East Coast to the West Coast, we came to a difficult and BIG decision… we have decided to “clean house” and CLOSE-OUT our best selling programs of all time starting with Marketing Made Simple.

This is a MUST HAVE business building & money empowerment program for heart centered entrepreneurs, healers, yoga teachers, practitioners, coaches and more!

Get 6-Core Business Concepts to Kick Start Your Business and Marketing Into High Gear for 2015 by learning how to…

• Create a successful, lead generating website that works for you.
• Offer larger dollar products & services with less time investment.
• Price and package your services to increase your revenue.
• Use low cost/ no cost online systems to save you time and energy.
• Pick your tribe and know best who you are meant to serve.
• Build your community with ease

And the best part is, you can do this program in your own time at your OWN pace!

If you’re ready to rock 2015 in your business, then this is THE program for you! Get it now before this offer (and program), disappear forever.


What are others saying about Marketing Made Simple?

Our hits on our website went up 600%, thanks to the info I learned in this course! You helped us to have our best weeks ever.  By changing the way we communicate with our tribe based on your teaching we have seen a huge increase and ROI with our clients.
– Xavier Bermeo PhD, Nutritional Wellness Center

Just from taking the Marketing Made Simple 6-week class.  I have had the best month of my career in my practice.  I credit this to the support of this tribe and the guidance of Rono and Sierra.  It’s been amazing.
– Dawn Casteel-Lorick, Animal communicator

Your course finally kicked me into gear and I’m doing things properly! It guided me to streamline and logically align my efforts toward a meaningful, clear structure not only of my marketing but of my entire approach to business. You have changed my sense of dignity in business as well! Thank you, Thank you!
– Prof. Johanna Sophia,

This was the best thing to happen to me since I married my wife 27 years ago. The class was a life changing event in that I could understand why I needed to market myself as the powerful person that I am. Learning not to be scared about the technology, terms, and all that goes into marketing. It truly is Marketing Made Simple.  Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom, insights and techniques to get me of the dime to get my business off the ground with marketing.  – Lee Nichols, Life & Business Coach

Stop arguing for your limitations

This is YOUR week to… stop arguing for your limitations.

Not too long ago, I found myself in a lively conversation with Rono and the Life Stylized team over how much to charge for an upcoming program.  Due to the depth of transformation available to participants in that program, Rono was trying to convince me to offer it at a higher price.

For some reason, I found myself very adamant about charging a much lower price and was quite feisty about convincing my team as to why.  limitations

The next day as I taught a preview call for the new program I began to realize how accurate Rono was about the depth of this training and how important it was to price that program according to how valuable the teachings are.

What I discovered was in order to move out of my own lack consciousness, I needed to stop arguing for my limitations! That was what was being asked of me.

Arguing for one’s limitations can be an insidious behavior and something to really become aware of when you desire to get to the next level of life, love or business.

Here’s how to recognize when you might be arguing for your limitations and what you can do about it.

1. Become aware of your resistance
Usually when you notice a strong resistance to something that should otherwise be a flow, it’s an indicator that there is an underlying belief that’s surfacing or being challenged. The key is to notice your resistance as soon as possible, and then ask yourself, why might I be resisting this?  What am I holding on to that wants to be released?

2. Identify the trigger
When something or someone is pushing your buttons, the best thing to do is not to get annoyed at the button pusher, but rather ask yourself, why do you have the button? When you can identify the trigger in you that is causing you to respond in a way that doesn’t support the best version of yourself, then you can begin to question and ultimately dismantle the underlying cause of your resistance.

3. Be clear about what you want

When you are unsure about your end goal or you haven’t taken the time to really look at the big picture of what you want, it’s easy to get caught up in limiting thoughts. To avoid falling prey to this confusion, make sure to check in with yourself along the way to see if what you are arguing for is in alignment with your big vision or going against what you say you want.

Since this is YOUR week to stop arguing for your limitations, how will you take notice of the places that you find yourself in resistance, triggered or feeling fuzzy?

Take time to get clear on what you want and then watch out for places where you still might be caught up in arguing for what’s NOT possible instead of standing for what IS possible.

Let us know what you discover and SHARE WHAT YOU THINK

You Are What You Believe!

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are. Robbins

We are frequently and enthusiastically and often relentlessly encouraged to think positively and to have faith in ourselves. A legitimate reaction to this hectoring would be to ask if these are just words parroted by well meaning people, who seem out of touch with the world I live in, or are they revealing a formula for success?

The reality is, whatever the motivation, positive thinking, leads to positive results. In other words we are what we think. And as the focus is positive, this is obviously an invocation to eliminate or to minimize negative thoughts and beliefs. As F. Bosworth recommended: Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts.

Research has demonstrated that the brain, a chemical and electrical powerhouse, responds to frequent thoughts by forming connections, links and nodes to make these thoughts more easily accessible. If we think positive, we get more positive connections, and a greater focus on positive thoughts, and if we focus on the negative … we gain more negative thinking opportunity! As Napoleon Hill notes: What Ever The Mind Can Conceive and BELIEVE, It Can Achieve.

This is interesting, but where did all of these negative beliefs come from?

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