Get it ALL done and have more “ME” time

Hey, it’s Rono here, jumping in with a special video for you while Sierra is away this weekend filming this years nü Icon Movie with Laura Hollick. Sierra is so excited about this because it is something she had been desiring for a long time that finally manifested for her. She mentioned how she manifested […]

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed today?  Feeling like you are missing out on opportunities? We live in a culture that is overstimulating, overworked and more often than not, operating in overwhelm. Can you relate? You see, when you are feeling stressed out and maxed out, there is no possible way for you to have the clarity […]

Do you know how to ask for your desires?

My whole life I have valued independence. So much that I used it as a tool to get love. I used to think that if I could “make it on my own” I would be perceived as strong. I felt that if I didn’t “need anything,” then I would never be seen as weak and […]

Do you feel drained at the end of your day?

Ever wonder why you feel so drained at the end of your day? It’s probably because you give your precious energy away to people, places and things that do not yield a good ROI (return on investment) for you. It’s important to your over all well being to identify relationships  in your life that are […]

Ten Ways of Living to Enjoy a Fun, Playful and Passionate Life

Wowza- what a week it’s been. Over the course of seven days, Rono and I traveled to three different major US cities, where we spoke and participated in game changing events with some of the top leaders in the transformational arts industry. And I turned 40 to boot!  What a way to usher in a […]

How to take responsibility when you make a mistake

I have a quick challenge for you. Pay attention in just ONE day, how many times you say or hear the words, “I’m Sorry.” And notice if all those apologies are actually sincere (meaning you or the person that said it, is truly, sorry). Did you know that research has shown that women actually say […]

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