Don’t step over this

While you are out celebrating, we want to remind you to celebrate YOURSELF and all your achievements, hard work and accomplishments!

Too often we focus our attention on things we don’t get done and feel bad about what has yet to be achieved… forgetting about or ignoring the many things we do get done that are worth celebrating.

When you step OVER or refuse to acknowledge your successes, you deny all the good that is available to you.
celebrateSo today, and every day… be sure to celebrate your successes, your wins and all the good things that happen in your life and business so that you can be available for and appreciative of more!

We celebrate you!   Will you?

A Swami and a Salesman Walk into a Club…

So the buzz is pretty hot about our Cool Conscious Connections event. We have more than 100 amazing business owners from all walks of life already signed up to be there.  We’re going to have yogi’s and healers mixing with bankers and sales people…  designers mixing with engineers.  All in one fantastic and energized business learning party environment.

This is NOT your average seminar and networking event. Watch this video to find out why…

And due to a technical glitch with our web hosting provider we’ve extended the early bird price of $45 all the way through the day of the event.  But make sure to register in advance cause it’s $60 at the door.


Can I charge more than my competition?

As many of you know, we just got back from Dallas where we spent time with our coach and mentor, David Neagle. 

This week’s article on Unique Selling Proposition is from his blog… “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life”.

Neagle                                               Code Question

Hi David,

How do you charge your clients more money? I feel like if I increase my prices, I will lose clients due to competition.


Neagle                                               Code Answer
Hi and thanks for your question.
The key to increasing your prices is to make the decision, and then ensure that you give more in value than what you charge.
It’s that simple.
I’m not sure what line of business you are in, but I’m going to use a service-based business as an example here.
Let’s take a look at restaurants. There millions of restaurants out there, and if you look at the really successful ones, you can learn a lot.
Successful businesses all have one thing in common.
They all have a unique selling proposition.
Your unique selling proposition sets you apart from the crowd.
It’s what makes you unique, and if you are unique, you won’t have to be concerned with competition.
Let’s go back to the successful restaurant.
A unique selling proposition for a restaurant may be that they specialize in one particular type of food, maybe they only use farm to table ingredients, maybe they have live piano music playing during dinner or maybe you can throw peanut shells on the floor.
Whatever it is, it is designed to SET THEM APART FROM THE CROWD.
To find your unique selling proposition, think about what makes YOU unique.
What services do you offer that make what you do extraordinary?
Once you can identify your unique selling proposition, you won’t have to be concerned with competition, and you can no longer use it as an excuse to charge less than what you are truly worth.
Learn more from David at:

I was committed to my baggage!

Rono and I are in Dallas this week with one of our VIP clients attending our favorite mentor, David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live Experience.   And boy can I tell you that the name says it all!

On the journey here we already experienced an opportunity to BREAK FREE from some old ways of being that gave us a great awareness on how we tend to struggle for the sake of struggle at times.

I was inspired to share this personal story with you while hanging out at my sister’s pool, finally soaking up some much needed sunshine!  Check it out in the video below!

WARNING, I get a little unruly with my language in this one!

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What Can an Electronic newsletter (eZine) Do For Your Business?

Developing a good eZine can seem like a daunting task, but with the correct planning and discipline the rewards for your business can be great.

Here are the top 5 rewards creating an eZine will do for your business:

Build Loyalty – sending out an eZine consistently can build your customer loyalty.  Informed customers are better customers.

Educate – educating your customers and prospects with great content will increase your bottom line by helping them become engaged in your services and expertise.

Boost credibility – sending out great information with your name on it will let your customers know that you are an expert in your field, and they can trust the information that you are giving them.

Message – getting and keeping your message in front of your current customers and prospects will keep you on the top of their mind.  They may not need or want your product or service at the moment, but if you keep your message in front of them when they do need your product or service you will be the first place they seek.

Cost – The cost to send an eZine is much less expensive than printing and postage to send out a direct mailer and you can track the results and focus your marketing accordingly.

Creating a successful mode of communication such as an eZine is an important facet of your business. The time it takes each week to put together will more than make up for the increased visibility and credibility you and your business will receive.

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