Do you know WHO you serve?

One of the most common mistakes we see business owners make time and time again is not being clear on WHO they serve and HOW they serve them. Most of us get into business knowing there is a need for our product or service based on a problem that our business is here to solve, […]

Have you built your business on a house of cards?

OMG- I can hardly contain myself at the exciting news we are about to share with you!  Rono and are are SUPER jazzed about an amazing event that we have coming up. The team here at Life Stylized is working overtime to bring this incredible mind expanding experience to the capital region! Even though we […]

I am Woman…

… hear me roar! Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, 102 years strong!     There are hundreds of events honoring this fabulous day happening ALL over the world including a special event that I am directly involved with here in NY.  More on that further down. If you don’t already have plans to attend […]

Networking Secrets Revealed

If you feel that networking events are an evil yet necessary thing, you will definitely want to watch this video!

Want a Money Breakthrough?

Your wealth frequency – like your energetic setting – dictates how powerfully you show up in the world. Here’s how to raise your wealth frequency >> CLICK HERE Most people have a setting that’s stuck on “not enough”. Raise your frequency to “wealth and abundance” and your financial state will change quickly. Take the money […]

He was always right in front of me!

Did you know that… Rono and I are from the same home town? We’ve known each other since we were less than five years old? He used to sing in a well known a capella group with my two younger sisters? We even went to the same college? Probably not. You see, when you’ve been […]

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