The Power of Choice

This weekend as we unwind and celebrate with family and friends we are reminded of the power of choice. Nothing in life is by chance, we create our own existence, good or bad… by choice. Scholars, theologians and scientists agree that the ONE ability that separates humans from the animal kingdom is the power to […]

Make more powerful choices in your life

We get to choose to do something or choose not to.  NO one can take that power away.  Even in the most horrific of circumstances we still have the power to choose how we react or respond to any given situation. Tell us ONE way that you can make more powerful choices in your life […]

Meeting A Hero

Today Sierra and I had the privilege to meet one of our heros, Gay Hendricks. For those of you who know him he needs no introduction. For those of you who do not, you are in for a treat. Gay, like Sierra and I has been empowering lives for his entire life. Not only does […]

What is your excuse?

This is YOUR week to… take care of yourself! (Brought to you by our Brilliant team member, Alaina) We’re talking about self-care.  What does that really mean? Does self-care mean that you follow all of the latest nutrition tips so that your body looks a certain way?  Or, does it mean that you go to […]

Let’s shine some light on your BS!

BS – Belief Systems or your “thought print” is the underlying operating system that you have been running since you were as little as 5 years old.  This BS has been running in the background of your life and keeping you safe.  In many ways it is very supportive as it keeps you from burning […]

I can’t do it alone

One of our core teachings at Life Stylized is that in business or life…   That’s why we are always talking about the power of a tribe and the importance of NOT having a Flabby ASK™.   It takes a village to raise a business and if you don’t have the right support around you things […]

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