Put Yourself First.

I have been so on the go lately that each of my “life balance” practices have slowly slipped out of view.  Little by little I found myself eating non-supportive foods, starting my day without taking time for meditation, going to bed without stretching, spending more time working and less time playing and on and on. […]

Make money while you have FUN!

It’s my birthday weekend and tonight I am doing it up in style with a big party at a friend’s amazing Malibu house! Woohoo! Before I head out toward the beach, I just had to share this quirky video I shot yesterday while hanging out with the Evolution boys (my husband’s VOX Pop Band) during […]

Just Let Go

One year ago I officially called it quits on The RAY magazine, a business that I had built from the ground up with all of my heart and soul. Despite all outward appearances of success, I had been struggling to make ends meet for some time and it was taking it’s toll on me in […]

Moving into ME.

After living in the same house and city for more then eight years, last May I made a pivotal decision that that seemed to shoot me and my life out of a cannon.  That decision was to completely let go of a dream business that I had built and nurtured from the ground up for […]

Blossom time!

The trees have blossomed and the flowers are in FULL bloom today.  It’s amazing what a metaphor Spring has been for my life.  This is truly the first full Spring I’ve experienced in over 13 years (in Los Angeles, we don’t really get a true Spring).  So it’s been wonderful to witness and experience the […]

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