The largest gathering in the name of P*$$Y ever…

It’s a mighty time for… dare I say it…. Pussy! This coming weekend is going to be one of the largest activations and gatherings of empowered pussies all over the country and world! As you read this, women of all walks, colors, and ages are knitting pink pussy hats to wear at the Women’s March […]

Change how you manifest money

I am so blown away by the heartfelt responses I received to my last email about how I blew up my brand and what I am shifting into. It seems that many of you are feeling VERY similar and that it is indeed time for a collective shift. As I deepen into my own personal […]

How to Create a Sisterhood

Rono and I just returned from 3 days in Las Vegas where we hosted another fabulous retreat for my Fun Fab Fem Mastery ladies.   Spending three full days in a luxurious private home setting with these amazing women, we were able to dive deep into the juicy waters of what each of us needed to […]

Communication is a skill

We hope you are enjoying the Labor Day Holiday Weekend here in the United States and having a great time celebrating with meaningful connections to friends and family. While we get that being with friends and family during any holiday can be super awesome, we also know that for some, it can easily become a […]

Don’t worry, be happy !

I used to love that famous Bobby McFerrinsong from the 80s… Don’t Worry, Be Happy because it is such a simple, yet profound message on the power of choice in every moment to stop our worrying and instead choose happiness. Don’t worry, be happy In every life we have some trouble But when you worry, […]

How are you out of alignment?

It’s time…right now… it’s time for you to take a deep breath. Let life in, and live joyfully! Just that deep breath may feel strange to you.   Do it anyway, and do it again. BREATHE and then begin to think about where in your life are you out of alignment? In the video below Rono […]

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