As promised, here is my special announcement…

But before I tell you, I want you to know that I just returned from an epic new moon women’s retreat hosted by my dear friend and soul sister, Rose Cole and I have to say… the magic and power that we ignited will definitely have a lasting impact on what’s to come both on […]

Are you wearing man repellent?

In all my years of working with women, I often see our biggest challenges is around the topic of men. Some of the most amazing, strong, smart, powerful and successful women I know have struggled deeply with their relationships with men (yours truly, not excluded). The thing that is most saddening for me about this […]

Get it ALL done and have more “ME” time

Hey, it’s Rono here, jumping in with a special video for you while Sierra is away this weekend filming this years nü Icon Movie with Laura Hollick. Sierra is so excited about this because it is something she had been desiring for a long time that finally manifested for her. She mentioned how she manifested […]

Ten Ways of Living to Enjoy a Fun, Playful and Passionate Life

Wowza- what a week it’s been. Over the course of seven days, Rono and I traveled to three different major US cities, where we spoke and participated in game changing events with some of the top leaders in the transformational arts industry. And I turned 40 to boot!  What a way to usher in a […]

Stop thinking positive!

My first foray into personal growth came early on in my life (teenage years) with a book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualization. What I learned from that book changed the way I looked at life and validated what I felt inside about what it took to create a life of my dreams. Decades later, […]

What’s in your pleasure chest?

“To enjoy your life more, and especially to have more love, it’s better to become skillful at what inspires your enthusiasm and generates vitality and good feelings.” – Stella Resnick, The Pleasure Zone I am SO loving my Pleasure Zone book and discovering all sorts of juicy things about myself and the amazing power of […]

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