Do you struggle with money?

Ok, let’s fess up… money can be a darn struggle at times. I know! Been there done that, could have written the book. And in my own ups and downs with money, I have come to understand that money (how much or how little I have at any given time) is a mere reflection of […]

Where do you stop yourself?

Rono and I are back from our trip to Costa Rica which was beyond magical.  This trip was part business, part retreat and part honeymoon… which after 5 years of marriage, we finally gave ourselves permission to take! You see, traveling for the pure “pleasure of it” was not something that made our priority list, […]

Do you hate paying bills?

I used to hate paying bills because it brought up all my negative beliefs about money (especially when things were tight). Do you ever feel this way? Let’s face it, of the few things that are guaranteed in life (besides laundry, dishes and taxes)… paying bills is something we all have to do. It can […]

What saving might be costing you

Stopping myself from investing in the things I most want because of my money fears has cost me much more that what I would have spent had I followed through with my desires in the first place. Realizing this can be eye-opening, but as Rono and I delve deeper into our beliefs and awakening process […]

Show me the money!

Since Rono and I decided to use fun as a strategy to overcome and transform a recent lull in our income, we’ve been experiencing some amazing results! Beyond the FunFabLife Challenge, (which we hope you’ve joined), we have been immersing ourselves in the study and research of pleasure as a way to manifest everything we desire. It’s been awesome! What […]

Money does not equal security

I was talking with a client recently who was a BIG yes to one of our programs and she had the resources available to invest in herself but was scared to use them because she valued her security too much. We see this conflict time and time again in our business and as new thought […]

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