Shortcut to manifesting your desires…

Oh la la… Rono and I have been up to some exciting things which we reveal a “sneak peak” of in today’s video! Before you hit play though, I want to tell you that whatever you are desiring in your heart, it CAN come true. However, far it feels away, you can bring it closer. […]

Are you ready to do less and have more?

Do you feel that you must always be doing something in order to feel productive in life? You are not alone! Most women (and some men) I speak to say that they don’t feel good about themselves unless they are in a perpetual state of “doing”. Mix that feeling into our incessant on the go […]

Do you hate paying bills?

I used to hate paying bills because it brought up all my negative beliefs about money (especially when things were tight). Do you ever feel this way? Let’s face it, of the few things that are guaranteed in life (besides laundry, dishes and taxes)… paying bills is something we all have to do. It can […]

Learn how to drop your self nagging tendencies

Shoulda, coulda, woulda… DIDN’T! The other day I had a chance to let a room full of 30+ women in my target market know about our FunFabLife challenge but I totally dropped the ball! At first I wanted to beat myself up for it given that was one of my main intentions for attending that […]

Forget about your crummy life!

Sometimes life can feel a bit crummy. Crummy relationship, crummy job, crummy car, crummy income, crummy… you name it. Whatever your version of crummy is, we have a way out! Allow me to offer you this simple tool to shake out all the crumbs from your life! And, if you’re looking to shake out your […]

Four L’s of Effortless Feminine Manifestation

This week’s video is all about how to get what you want with less effort using what we call, the Four L’s of Effortless Feminine Manifestation. If you’re working way too hard in ANY area of your life and are ready to discover an easier way to do things (and get things)… then this video […]

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