How to get more business while having more fun

In all my years of being in business, I rarely (if ever) hear anyone say they couldn’t use more business or more connections. What I DO hear (too often) is… Those networking events are boring. I can’t afford to go to that. Business could be better. I’m tired of putting out so much effort and […]

How to have more ease and flow in life

Are you feeling stressed? This time of year might be very stressful for you with end of school year activities, summer vacation planning, graduation parties, moving …… the list can be endless. Let me help you put an end to that stressed feeling. In the video below I’ve got a few tips for you as […]

What do you need?

At our recent retreat in Costa Rica we deeply explored and challenged the “old paradigm” of what it means (and doesn’t mean) to experience Soul Purpose Wealth. Throughout this process, we discussed a lot about wants vs. needs in relationship to desires. What we uncovered as a group is that desires come from the language […]

Are you in alignment in your business

Recently I have made HUGE shifts in my life that is allowing me to be an even truer model for the message I teach. However, I wasn’t always so in alignment. Many years ago I ran a business that was dedicated to spreading the message of self-love and yet I was KILLING myself to get […]

Are you a commitment phobe?

Why is it that so many of us have a hard time committing to many things in our lives?  Maybe you cannot get your man to commit to a more serious relationship.  Or you have a hard time committing to staying at your job or working on that one project you know will bring you […]

Rise and Shine!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and immediately feel dread about your day? Or find yourself thinking about how soon you can get back in bed? Even though I’ve pretty much worked for myself and been able to set my own schedule my entire adult life, I used to be one of those […]

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