90% of life is just showing up!

In all my years of being in business,  I rarely (if ever) hear anyone say they couldn’t use more business, more connections, more leads. What I DO hear (too often) is… – I can’t seem to find the people willing to pay me for my services. – I can’t afford to go to that. – […]

Are You Connected?

Have you ever heard that you are the sum mean of the five people you hang out with the most?  Meaning, you will naturally begin to take on the qualities and vibration of the people you spend the most time with. So, who are you hanging out with?  And do they help to uplift you? […]

A Swami and a Salesman Walk into a Club…

So the buzz is pretty hot about our Cool Conscious Connections event. We have more than 100 amazing business owners from all walks of life already signed up to be there.  We’re going to have yogi’s and healers mixing with bankers and sales people…  designers mixing with engineers.  All in one fantastic and energized business […]

Making Meditation History

More than 60 people gathered for Saratoga Springs first ever Med Mob on Friday, April 5th.  It was a powerful and profound experience for all. There was lots of love brought to the streets of Saratoga Springs, and it was truly amazing meeting and connecting with everyone in such a powerful way. It is clear […]

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