Mix it to fix it

This is YOUR week to… Mix it up! Here is the deal. If you are feeling stuck or frustrated what can you do about it? I recommend when you are in doubt about what needs to happen in your life, look to nature for the answer. For example: What happens to water when it sits […]

Your environment will always TRUMP your willpower

If you are a recovering alcoholic, hanging out in bars is not a supportive place to get you to your goal.  If you have a desire to be wealthy, hanging out with poor minded people is not a supportive place to be. My friend and mentor, Mark Schulman (Pink’s Drummer) once told me… if you […]

The good news and the bad….

Rono and I have been going through some growing pains lately in our efforts to step up our game and become more aligned with how to bring our best selves (and talents) forward in the evolution of our business. This process has been somewhat painstaking because for something new to truly emerge means that something […]


Ladies- this one is for YOU! I woke up the in a bad mood the other day and for some reason I was hell bent on being pissed off. Of course, Rono, being closest to me, got the full brunt of my pissy-ness. (Men, can you relate?) Luckily, he knows this mood well, he even […]

How I survived the Amazon jungle with no clothes!

It was 7am and I had been flying all night.  I arrived in Lima, Peru all alone on a flight where it seemed no one spoke English.  I knew my travel guide would be waiting for me outside of customs, and once I got my luggage I would be happily on my way to my […]

I was committed to my baggage!

Rono and I are in Dallas this week with one of our VIP clients attending our favorite mentor, David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live Experience.   And boy can I tell you that the name says it all! On the journey here we already experienced an opportunity to BREAK FREE from some old ways of being that […]

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