I was never fat!

As I sit here watching the rain pour down over the lush green landscape, I am still deep in process on the powerful shifts that happened for so many (including myself) at the most recent Fun, Fabulous & Feminine event. If you’ve been following my recent posts, you may recall a video I did on […]

We fell off the wagon

This is YOUR week to… Stay On Course! What have you committed to lately that you might be slipping up on? Last week, Rono and I facilitated our Rock Your Biz Retreat at the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa and even though we only live eight minutes from the Gideon, we decided to stay at […]

How can I let go of this pain?

So often in life we want the quick fix and that instant gratification is what drives us day to day. Unfortunately we are left with this insatiable appetite for desiring even more. All of the sudden we find ourselves unfulfilled and longing for more then we posses at the time. We skirt around the issues […]

Are you ready to go within?

This is YOUR week to… go inside. I have been told that I am an extrovert.  Which for me means that I refill my tanks by being around other people more than I do with time spent alone.  Therefore I am always seeking out the next best “party”.  Whether that is an actual party or […]

Stop arguing for your limitations

This is YOUR week to… stop arguing for your limitations. Not too long ago, I found myself in a lively conversation with Rono and the Life Stylized team over how much to charge for an upcoming program.  Due to the depth of transformation available to participants in that program, Rono was trying to convince me […]

Space, the needed frontier

This is YOUR week to… take some space. Sierra and I spend on average about 23 hours a day together.  We sleep together, eat together, work together, play together and… you guessed it… sometimes fight together.  It can be a challenge sometimes to stay in the best state of mind with one another.  After a […]

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