How to embrace your emotions

There she blows, again! Rono and I are on our annual driving adventure back from Los Angeles, to spend our summer in upstate NY and this time, I felt called to take the northern route east and visit Yellowstone National Park along our path. I’ve been called there for several reasons, but the big one […]

How struggle makes you blind to opportunities

I had super stressful week earlier this month! I had packed my schedule so tight with travel and back to back events that my pleasure practices & fun quotient had taken a back seat for a moment. (Yes, even I sometimes find myself out of practice with what I teach). However, because I know all […]

Kick out the piss!

The other morning I woke up in a pissy mood and couldn’t seem to shake it. This funk o’ mine lasted well into the day and no matter how much I tried to ignore it, the drag factor was felt by everyone. And even worse was that instead of using one of my handy dandy […]

What are you tolerating?

Rono and I just returned from spending 9 days at The Burning Man Festival and being SO open and expressive in that environment can often lead to a need for recalibration upon retuning back to “normal” life. What we’ve discovered is that we have been surrounded by and sometimes partaking in a lot of complaining, […]

Do you hate paying bills?

I used to hate paying bills because it brought up all my negative beliefs about money (especially when things were tight). Do you ever feel this way? Let’s face it, of the few things that are guaranteed in life (besides laundry, dishes and taxes)… paying bills is something we all have to do. It can […]

When everything just sucks…

I’m not going to deny it, over the last few weeks, Rono and I have found ourselves in and out of a real funk! Part of it is food related (summertime indulgences), part of it is money related (clearing up some past tax stuff and getting our ‘books’ in order) but mostly it comes down […]

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