How to take responsibility when you make a mistake

I have a quick challenge for you. Pay attention in just ONE day, how many times you say or hear the words, “I’m Sorry.” And notice if all those apologies are actually sincere (meaning you or the person that said it, is truly, sorry). Did you know that research has shown that women actually say […]

You can have more now

When what you crave out of life feels so far away, how do you bridge the gap between your current reality and your big dreams and desires? Check out this weeks video where Sierra offers a valuable tool and fun daily practice that she swears by to help shorten the time between you and the […]

Are you in alignment in your business

Recently I have made HUGE shifts in my life that is allowing me to be an even truer model for the message I teach. However, I wasn’t always so in alignment. Many years ago I ran a business that was dedicated to spreading the message of self-love and yet I was KILLING myself to get […]

Stop struggling

Are you a go with the flow kind of person or do you often over complicate things? If you happen to be an over complicator, or are someone who gets easily caught up in stress, struggle or strife, then this video message is for you! Toward the end of last year, Rono and I were […]

Is your agenda getting in the way?

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in all the expectations of this time of year? Are you someone who frets way too much over the seating chart at Christmas dinner? Do you find yourself spending more time obsessing over getting your holiday cards or year end email offers out instead of what you […]

How to resolve power struggles.

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to speak and facilitate at the Wealthy Goddess Live event in California. It was a very amazing event on many levels both for the participants and me. It helped me solidify the sacred, beautiful space I hold for women and the transformation of this planet. We […]

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