Are you wearing man repellent?

In all my years of working with women, I often see our biggest challenges is around the topic of men. Some of the most amazing, strong, smart, powerful and successful women I know have struggled deeply with their relationships with men (yours truly, not excluded). The thing that is most saddening for me about this […]

What “never in a million” story is now a reality for you?

I just got back from a four day adventure in Canada with the beautiful and talented Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio where I was invited to participate in her next nü Icon movie coming out this fall. Being part of this movie was a long time desire that I was excited to say yes […]

I’m scared to show you this but…

A few weeks ago I asked you to share what you are most struggling with. Many of the answers I received revolved around body image, so today’s video inspiration is a raw & real share from me about how this topic has affected me personally, what I’ve done about it and where I offer you […]

May I ask you something personal?

I’ve been empowering women for over 13 years to awaken to their truest, divine feminine self and get MORE out of life with LESS effort. Though I have a pretty good idea of what challenges and limiting beliefs you face to keep you from experiencing your most amazing life, I want to know directly from […]

Do you feel drained at the end of your day?

Ever wonder why you feel so drained at the end of your day? It’s probably because you give your precious energy away to people, places and things that do not yield a good ROI (return on investment) for you. It’s important to your over all well being to identify relationships  in your life that are […]

Where it goes awry for successful women

In this video Sierra is going to boldly challenge you and say that it’s most likely YOU who is in need of stepping up. But not in the way you might think. I triple dog dare you to watch this video and comment below! I know you’re going to argue with me and I hope […]

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