How to harness the power of your mind to control your reality.

Many people have heard of the concept I’m about to share with you but few truly understand its relevance and importance on your day to day success and long term longevity.  Simply stated it goes like this… “Your current perceived reality determines your personal, professional and financial outcome- now and in the future.” (click to […]

How do you like this ?

In honor of Cyber Monday we’ve decided to offer you a SALE Price on our brand new Get Your eZine Done Program, and in our eyes a Sale isn’t a sale unless it’s a BIG discount, so how does 50% off sound to you? Here is what you will walk away with in Get Your […]

How to go with the flow to enjoy life more

How does one go with the flow when everything around you is nuts. 95.7% of the time I am very good with “going with the flow”.  However, I still find that in times of struggle… financial, relational or otherwise, I end up fighting against the current.  The pattern I see happening is that I become […]

There is no dream too big

As the members of Life Stylized filtered into the center today we noticed there was a new member joining our staff. His desk sits on the ledge of the windowsill where he can oversee everything going on in the office. Our new friend is not a human but a grasshopper. In noticing this creature sitting […]

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