Nearly two years ago, I blew-up the brand of the most fun, powerful and impactful experience that I ever offered. I was at the top of my game and ready for a real breakthrough.

I had no idea that the breakthrough would be to walk away from leading my super popular Fun Fabulous & Feminine Experience to dive even deeper into actually living, breathing and modeling what it actually was to BE a fun, fabulous & feminine woman.

You see, when you love something, but you know that it’s not 100% what you’re supposed to be doing, despite its mass appeal and impact… it’s hard to let go.

But on the fateful day that I made the decision to burn that brand to the ground, it was painfully clear that even in the height of its success, I could no longer steward a message to women where I wasn’t fully living it myself.

To truly be a fun, fabulous & feminine woman I knew that I had to take a journey that would take me far beyond the accolades of being a “successful brand.”

My higher self knew that I needed to venture to a place where I would be way more excited by the richness of my life, than the money in my bank account or the size of my list.

Ever since, I’ve been in an amazing exploration that has put my tools and teachings to the ultimate test to see what I could create in the realms of success, the feminine way.

What has been astounding to discover is that in pulling back and out of the business model I had been taught, and truly nurturing my life, relationship and body as my number one priority, I’m being shown (and experiencing) a new way of creating success.

When I stopping trying so hard to DO it all… to make it happen or to work endlessly for my dreams, and instead put the focus on my pleasure, desires, and lifestyle… all the opportunities that had seemed at one point, so far away, came flooding in.

Women starting discovering me and inviting me to join their groups and starting paying me to bring my wisdom to their clients and events.

New clarity around the greater mission of my work surfaced and I became a master at harnessing the more nuanced parts of myself and my gifts that allow me to more easily awaken women the power they seek in themselves.

In short, I stopped teaching how to be Fun, Fabulous & Feminine because I was in fact becoming the very model of this mission and that my dear, had far more star power and magnetism than any brand I had ever created.

And then, a funny thing happened along the way.

In my surrender to my truth and commitment to being my mission, I “randomly” happened to meet the content curator at an esteemed school for spiritual growth that recently opened its doors in the Red Woods of Santa Cruz.

This woman was so inspired by who I was that, without any of the usual credentials required for teaching at such a place as this, she invited Rono and I to join them as guest teachers and resurrect the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Experience as a 5 day, all inclusive, deep dive retreat experience.

Huh, I thought. You can’t make this shift up!

So, this December, Rono and I will be coming together for the first time in two years, to bring all of our new wisdom, inspiration and fully integrated teachings to this new Fun Fab Fem retreat.

If you’d like some of this magic infused into your life, then I highly encourage you to join us.

We will be teaching you how to let go of the parts of you that no longer represent you in order to become fully integrated in to your higher self… all while stepping into the powerful bliss that a Fun, Fabulous & Feminine woman embodies.

Is this you?

We’d love to connect with you in this super yummy, powerful retreat in the redwoods. Come join us!

Sign-up today!