It’s a mighty time for… dare I say it…. Pussy!

This coming weekend is going to be one of the largest activations and gatherings of empowered pussies all over the country and world!

As you read this, women of all walks, colors, and ages are knitting pink pussy hats to wear at the Women’s March on Washington, 11-million-women-march.w710.h473.2xwhich is fast becoming one of the biggest gatherings of women in history. There are over 600 marches happening worldwide and many in attendance are touting the phrase,“Pussy Grabs Back” as part of their mission.

In New York City, thousands of women are flying in from all over the world to attend The Womanly Arts Experience put on by Regena Thomashauer, the author of the NY Times best-selling book, Pussy; a Reclamation. This is by far one of the largest celebrations of pussy that Regena has ever put together and will definitely create a powerful impact on the world.

Here in Los Angeles, a soul sister of mine and I are birthing yet another pussy movement. It’s called Pussy Church, an offering in praise and adoration of our most sacred portal of life.

Yoni_worshipThis blossoming “pussy worship” movement is in service to all women who are ready to honor and live in service to the wisest, most powerful part of our womanhood.

The idea behind Pussy Church is to create a safe and sacred conversation, in sisterhood, to expose all the ways we have been taught to feel shameful, disgusted and disconnected from our pussy and instead, learn powerful ways to turn that into an activation and celebration of our divine feminine power.

A global reclamation of empowered proportions is upon us dear sisters and in your heart, you know what you are being called to do.
If you’re a woman who is feeling a deeper call of this movement (on any level)… we invite you to join us.

Maybe you’re feeling fired up, agitated or activated with what’s been happening in this country. Join us to channel that energy in a supportive container of sisterhood.

Maybe you’re ready to step more fully onto your divine feminine path and leave behind the world of doing, driving and over-achieving. Join us and learn how to source your dreams and desires from pleasure and fun.

Maybe you’re simply curious about what all this “pussy talk” is about. Join us and discover what message wants to come through your pussy.

Maybe you’re starved for deep and meaningful relationships with women in your life. Join us and meet incredible, loving and supportive sisters who are seeking you too.

Whatever is stirring in you dear divine one, get ready to ignite your holy flame with the gospel according to the Goddess.

On Sunday, January 22nd, join us “en masse” to a devotional and playful gathering for women to connect with and claim your most sacred portal of life and power… your flower, your yoni, your pussy.

The time is now.
The evolution has begun.
And most importantly, a seat in the circle at Pussy Church awaits YOU.

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