But before I tell you, I want you to know that I just returned from an epic new moon women’s retreat hosted by my dear friend and soul sister, Rose Cole and I have to say… the magic and power that we ignited will definitely have a lasting impact on what’s to come both on an inner realm and an outer realm of womankind.

And that’s where you come in sister!

Big things are happening for women at the moment and I know you are feeling it too, consciously or subconsciously, because something told you to open this email today.

So, since you are here with me now, let me take a moment, to let you know that I truly care about you and the well being of women. Deeply. I feel that you have powerful gifts to offer this world and the time for you to shine is and express those gifts without having to do, or make or be anything but your glorious self.

Unfortunately, what keeps a woman like you from living her destiny and in full radiance is a direct result of allowing the muck of this world to cover you up and weigh you down.

It happens over time and shows up most when we get caught up in a mindset that has us seeking answers and validation outside ourselves. Or when we run our tanks dangerously low without proper refilling activities and it causes us to stall out and die a little bit inside.

That’s why I want to do something really special for you this week to make it incredibly easy to say YES to you and fill your tanks to the max with goodness.

Last year I launched the first ever virtual version of my super popular Fun Fabulous & Feminine live experience, called the Fun Fab Fem Playground because I wanted to make sure that the tools, techniques and sisterhood that drastically changed the lives of so many women who attended the live event… became available to as many woman as possible.

I did this so that you dear one, could jump into the drivers seat of your destiny and fulfill your life dreams with ease, pleasure and fun!

And, since the last live event back in March where I “blew it all up”… I have been on my own internal journey of going even deeper into these teachings and discovering even more clarity in exactly how potent the tools I offer can be for every woman who is committed to her spiritual awakening without having to work harder, or do more.

For today, and this week only, I am offering this incredible 6-week program, normally $297… for only $22.

Yep- you read that right!  For just $22, you can join an adventure in sisterhood, pleasure, fun, and self-mastery… and, be guided every step of the way by a dedicated Playground Coach named Kimberly who has been personally trained by me to help you get the most from this course.

This virtual training was created especially for you, the busy entrepreneur, the mom doing way too much and for every woman that is tired of having to do so much to prove themselves in this “mans world”.

This exclusive master class is for women who are tired of the status quo and committed to their greatness, the feminine way.

For your small investment of $22, you will gain…

  • Get crystal clear on what you want for your life and know how to get it.
  • Rediscover what your heart truly yearns for then turn that yearning into fuel for success.
  • Know those nagging voices in your head? You will learn a fun way to tame them and turn them into your allies.
  • Learn why sisterhood is the #1 ingredient to a successful life for a woman.
  • Learn to manifest on command. Instantly… really… anything… instantly.
  • And so much more!

Visit FunFabPlayground.com for more information and to sign up for this limited offer of only $22!

Join us and watch your life shift with ease and fun!