A few months ago, I was in the middle of my annual live event when I was struck by a lighting rod of truth. I realized that I had been living a lie and that so much of what I created in my business was based on that lie.

In that very moment, with tears in my eyes and in front of more than 60 women I shared my truth, bared my soul and declared a huge part of my business and revenue stream- OVER.


What I had become aware of and awake to was a deeply ingrained pattern that had insidiously taken over and was casting a shadow on the purity of my true purpose. I realized that I had become so wrapped up in the business of transformation that I had lost connection to the truth of how I wanted to express my mission and message.

Since this powerful awakening, I have been slowing way down to recalibrate what I truly desire my life and business to look like. I am steadily peeling away the layers that built up causing my business to feel heavy and no longer fun.

I’ve been deconstructing my money stories and slowly crafting a new way of calling in the resources I need to live my life and desired lifestyle.  I’ve committed to spending another summer at our Love Shack on the Lake, a simple yet sacred home in upstate NY where Rono and I go to re-envision our life, business and relationship.

Being far away from the distractions and lure of the go go go, ego driven energies that can be all consuming in our usual environments and industry gives us a chance to become more present to what we really desire. From this slower paced and earth energy connected place, we are more able to distinguish what is truly in alignment with our vision and mission versus what we “think” we need to do to keep up with the world around us.

One thing I am more present to, is that so many of us have lost sight of what really matters in the world. Our society has continued to value profit over people and prestige over planet driving us to hit a critical tipping point in a direction of unhappily forever after. Our food is poisoned, our feelings are shunned, our fears are heightened and our essential life giving commodities of soil, air and water are being pillaged and raped by corporate greed. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg we’re careening toward.

In all honesty, the awakening I personally had spans far beyond what I am here “to do” in the world. I am clear that what I heard was a global cry of Gaia asking all of us to wake up from our misguided and disillusioned stupor that is driving our joy and humanity into the ground.

If you’ve gotten this far, I know that you are resonating in some way with this and if you’re not already in the process of your own awakening, then I would bet that you are ready for one.

Something is off and has been for a while, and though you have the signs and signals to prove it, you’re still in overdrive / override mode because of some logical and cultural voice in your head that says you must keep going or, god forbid, be left behind.

I have felt that FOMO (fear of missing out) many times yet… when I’ve given myself the permission to actually let go, which I have done more than once in this lifetime, what I’ve been shown is that the turtle actually arrives much happier, healthier and far more relaxed than the frantic, distracted and ego driven hare.

What I know for sure is that what is happening to our planet is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. It’s the macrocosm to the microcosm of the self-poison we inflict on ourselves daily.  And we can scream and yell and march and fight all we want, but if we don’t resolve the internal battle that is constantly waging inside, there will never be peace on earth.

The healing of the world is the healing of within though I’m not going to deny- that is some of the most challenging work you will ever do. To realize and take responsibility for the life you have created… the world WE have collectively created… and to make choices that go against the grain of society is not a path for the faint of heart.

And, I know that you are ready and willing or you wouldn’t still be here, right now, with me.

Much to many marketing mentors chagrin, I am not here to offer you any fix quick formula, template, map or blueprint to solve your problems or help you save the world with your mission. I simply want to remind you that if you are not happy with any aspect of your life, you can change it. Even if it means blowing up your brand from your own stage. All it takes in the courage and willingness to listen and leap.

There is a wise oracle that resides within you who is ready to guide you IF you are willing to let her lead. She will gladly show you the way, IF you are willing to let go of the struggle and striving to get to the top of a mountain that has no peak. She will happily help you to see what is right with you IF you are willing to stop pointing out all that’s wrong… with the world and yourself.

What are you still holding on to that no longer serves you? Look to what has defined you and now confines you.

Are you ready to let go and be free? If so, then I invite you to come with me.

Where I am going and how I plan to get there matters not at this point. As a wise friend once told me, the more we make things matter the denser they become. And I am tired of all the dense thinking of this world.

For me and possibly you too… I’m ready for buoyancy, lightness of heart and to experience true freedom… the kind that cannot be taken or impeded upon by any outside force.

What I desire to know is… are you picking up what I’m putting’ down?
Are you ready to take a leap? Walk through the portal? To say yes to the deeper truth that is begging for your attention?  

If the answer is yes, I invite you reply to this post and tell me so.  

Tell me… What your heart yearns for. What you are ready to let go of. What that quiet voice inside is whispering to you.

I have nothing specific to offer you at this point but I want to know your answers to those questions. I want to know who you are. I want to know if you share this awakening with me.

Do tell. I am listening.

With love,