Rono and I just returned from 3 days in Las Vegas where we hosted another fabulous retreat for my Fun Fab Fem Mastery ladies.   Mastery_sept_immersion

Spending three full days in a luxurious private home setting with these amazing women, we were able to dive deep into the juicy waters of what each of us needed to be in our fullest expression as women in the world.

Watching the depth of sisterhood unfold between these women was pure magic and potent fuel for how these women will navigate the ups and downs of life over these next few months.

If you’ve been watching my latest series of videos over that past few weeks, you’re pretty clear by now of how much of a stand I am for sisterhood.

In fact, in today’s video I share what it takes (and what I personally had to do) to create the kind of sisterhood that gives my vision, mission and purpose the momentum that every woman needs to succeed.

After watching this video, we’d love to hear from you about how you’ve created a sisterhood, or answer any questions you have on how you can get one rockin’ in your life.

And, if you’re a woman who is still yearning to be seen, met, held, loved and supported in a community of women, we invite you to join the Fun, Fab Fem Virtual Playground starting this month!

We have a powerful community of women awaiting you!