I had super stressful week earlier this month!

I had packed my schedule so tight with travel and back to back events that my pleasure practices & fun quotient had taken a back seat for a moment. (Yes, even I sometimes find myself out of practice with what I teach).

However, because I know all too well the consequences that come when I get caught in my old patterns of over doing, I was very aware of the the road I was headed down and ended up with a humorous lesson that helped me step out of my struggle and back into my pleasure rather quickly.

In this week’s video I share my personal story of struggle and the tough lesson that came with it because struggle is something that most of us know all too well in our daily lives.

Being over-committed and under nourished is the new norm for busy women like us. We give and give and give until we can’t give any more and then we wonder why we’re eating ice cream for dinner or binge watching Netflix instead of going to that yoga class you love.

Struggle and frustration have become just another part of our daily lives and with that comes a huge impact to our ability to thrive. And not just in the ways you think.

In today’s video you will learn just how much struggle costs you (and how it cost me). And, you will begin to understand more clearly how if you are willing to actually make pleasure and fun a priority, how much more ease-filled (and opportunity rich) your life will become.

Be sure to watch this video and then share specifically below what you’re willing to do, to turn your struggle around.