We hope you are enjoying the Labor Day Holiday Weekend here in the United States and having a great time celebrating with meaningful connections to friends and family.

While we get that being with friends and family during any holiday can be super awesome, we also know that for some, it can easily become a recipe for disaster.  Especially when expectations are high and communications are perhaps a little on the not so high side.

No matter how in tune you are to the people you love and in particular, your  partner… misunderstandings and breakdown in communication are going to happen. It is inevitable!

And no surprise to us this is the number one thing we are most often asked about… How do we do it… how can we work together, live together, play together and still have such a great relationship and connection?

Communication is a skill. Not just with your partner, with everyone you speak to for business and pleasure.

Today let’s talk about the 3 challenges you may be having with communication and how to avoid them.

This video will help you avoid a miscommunication with your partner this holiday weekend if you make time right now to watch it so go ahead and give yourself 5 minutes to get these super helpful communication tips before you head out to that holiday barbecue.  You will thank us later!

Now that you’ve watched the video let us know what you think, and what happened when you implemented these strategies in your communication on this long holiday weekend.