Many years ago, I learned that men have a very different way of relating to us women. After much trial and error, I found a way to communicate with the men in my life to better get my needs met.

However, I still found myself making this one major mistake and that was definitely costing me in my relationship with Rono. Big time!

In this week’s video, I share where it all went awry for us and what saved me from a complete breakdown in our relationship and how you can avoid it too!

If you’re doing what I did (which I suspect you might be) because many women are lacking in the solution I share here, then this video might just change your ability to actually get more out of your relationships with men.

After you had a chance to learn this valuable information, then please be sure to hit us up below in the comments and fess up to where you’ve been doing this with your man (or any man) and how you’re going to change it now that you know what to do.

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