I just got back from a four day adventure in Canada with the beautiful and talented Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio where I was invited to participate in her next nü Icon movie coming out this fall. Rainbow_sisters_tribe

Being part of this movie was a long time desire that I was excited to say yes to, but there was a tricky part to the invitation for me… I was asked to represent and wear the color yellow.

For many years, Rono had been attempting to get me to wear yellow but this neutral and earth tone wearing gal had a different opinion about how that color looked on me. To be honest, I was vehemently opposed to this idea and swore I would never do it.

And now, here I was, being invited to an opportunity of a lifetime, and being asked to represent this color for all the world to see!

Here is what happened…

After you take a moment to watch this 2 minute video, I’d love for you to share with us what “never in a million years” stories you have that ended up becoming a reality for you.