Wowza- what a week it’s been. Over the course of seven days, Rono and I traveled to three different major US cities, where we spoke and participated in game changing events with some of the top leaders in the transformational arts industry.

And I turned 40 to boot!  What a way to usher in a new decade!
(Thanks for all the birthday wishes too.)

Our whirlwind adventure wrapped up in Venice, CA where we lead three days of a powerful and playful immersion with the ladies in our new Fun Fab Fem Mastery course. Over those few days, we immersed ourselves in radical self-love practices, discovered and committed to our deepest desires and learned to manifest through pleasure and fun. It was FABULOUS!

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As I step more fully into this next decade of my life, I am present to many insights on what creates a  truly live a “pinch me” life.

So, as a fun birthday gift to YOU, I decided to share my top 10 ways of living that allow me to enjoy a life that is fun, playful, passionate and purpose-filled.

So… here goes!

1. CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Nobody likes a flabby ask, especially the men in our lives. When I learned to become clear with my needs and more direct with my requests to my man (and others) I began getting more of what I desire from them.

2. COE’s: (Change of Environments) are essential for growth. Whenever I am feeling stagnant and stuck, I make a point to mix up my environment. Sometimes, even just moving from one room to another, frees up my flow.

3. DANCE BREAKS: Moving energy is key tocombating stress. When I’m in a funk, the quickest way out is by getting my groove on. What’s your favorite dance break song?

4. SISTERHOOD: By surrounding myself with a high vibration sisterhood of  loving and amazing women that are also committed to self growth, I’ve been able to shine my light even brighter.

5. DELEGATION: By delegating tasks that are out of my “zone of genius” and empowering my amazing support team to take things off my plate has helped my life and business grow and flow with grace and ease.

6. I CALL IN EASE: Working hard and feeling stressed out or in struggle around my life has never helped me get what I want, and… it keeps me from actually enjoying the journey. So when the stress level begins to rise, I “call in ease” by remembering  that there is ALWAYS an easier way. That focus alone, allows me to see through the struggle.

7. AMAZING FRIENDS: I only choose amazing friends to be in my life. I have a special tool called the Energetic Investment Assessment (EIA to the ROI) that helps me weed out people and experiences that do not provide a good “return on investment”. Say good bye to the toxic relationships in your life and feel 10 years younger!

8. INVEST IN MY GROWTH: When I am not reaching for more, I stagnate. I teach that you are either growing or dying. There is no “hanging out”. If you are not committed to growth and or refuse to invest in yourself, you are most likely dying. Boo.

9. LIGHTEN UP: One of the fastest ways I’ve found to lighten up around the more challenging pieces of my life is to sing silly songs about it. I use my tougher lessons as an opportunity to create a live musical moment.

10. GRATITUDE & SPIRITUALITY: Everyday I wake up in gratitude for what’s to come and what has already manifested. The more I reflect on this with reverence and gratitude, the more I am granted.