At our recent retreat in Costa Rica we deeply explored and challenged the “old paradigm” of what it means (and doesn’t mean) to experience Soul Purpose Wealth.

Throughout this process, we discussed a lot about wants vs. needs in relationship to desires.

What we uncovered as a group is that desires come from the language of the heart, whereas “needs” come from survival and “wants” come from the perpetual state of “not having.”

Though much of our work is in supporting women to claim their desires and live fully expressed in ALL areas of life, many women find themselves confused or frustrated around the concept of desire. Especially when they  can’t even think about what it is that they desire.

If you are a women who tends to get “lost in the weeds” around your desires, then this video if for you!

And if you would like more clarity on the power of desire to easily (and effortlessly) manifest your heart’s desires tangibly in your life, despite ALL odds and “realities” that would say otherwise, then join us for our next online training happening on April 22nd.  > Register Now <