Recently I have made HUGE shifts in my life that is allowing me to be an even truer model for the message I teach.

However, I wasn’t always so in alignment.

Many years ago I ran a business that was dedicated to spreading the message of self-love and yet I was KILLING myself to get that message out in the world.

I was also preaching the importance of women being more in their feminine, but my business model was 100% based in masculine doing.

Needless to say, something had to give, and it was going to be either ME or my business.

I chose to let go of that business.

That choice led me deep into a process where I learned how to become a woman who can be in my joy, pleasure and feminine essence while still making a big impact with my business, create the income I desire AND enjoy massive success in all areas of my life.

Today, I am happy to share that my message and mission has not changed, but the way I go about sharing that message and growing my business is radically different.

In today’s video, I share one of my tried and true secrets that allow me to stay in flow, ease and feminine juiciness while still creating an abundant and successful business.

For an up close and personal look behind the scenes of my process around this exact technique, be sure to tune into my naked video self-challenge daily video series.  > CLICK HERE <