Rono and I just returned from spending 9 days at The Burning Man Festival and being SO open and expressive in that environment can often lead to a need for recalibration upon retuning back to “normal” life.

What we’ve discovered is that we have been surrounded by and sometimes partaking in a lot of complaining, blaming and shaming which has lead to a painful, yet necessary awareness of some big shifts we need (and are ready) to make.

If you are noticing the same in your life or in the people you surround yourself with and you are ready to learn an awareness tool that will lead to your freedom, then this week’s video is for YOU!

What you’ll learn in this video is that:

Complaining = Being tolerant of things that do not serve your highest good.
Blaming = Accepting yourself as a victim vs. victor in your life.
Shaming = Beating yourself up for the choices you make.

And… what you can do right now to break free of these behaviors and step more fully into a life that FEELS GOOD more often.

We’d love to hear your thoughts below on what this video stirred up for you.