I was speaking with a client recently who has been struggling with an issue in her marriage for some time. She was frustrated and tired of the negative attitude that her husband came home with every day. It seemed that no matter what she said or did, nothing was helping the situation.

It was easy for her to see what she did not want in that situation, so I supported her to shift her focus toward what she did want (her desire). Once we uncovered how she truly wanted to feel when her husband came home I was able to offer her an awesome tool to help her stay in the energy of what she really wanted.

In this week’s video I share the juicy details of this incredibly fun and highly effective practice that will help you to manifest anything you want with rapid speed. And it’s quite simple really.

Plus, if you watch to the end you’ll find out how immediate her results were. You’re not going to believe what happened that very night when her husband came home!

Please share your a-has below on how this technique is working in your life!