As I sit here watching the rain pour down over the lush green landscape, I am still deep in process on the powerful shifts that happened for so many (including myself) at the most recent Fun, Fabulous & Feminine event.

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you may recall a video I did on Mother’s Day about my mom’s struggle with her weight and body image and what opened up for her in her dying days (watch now).

Well, so much of what we uncover and break free of at FunFabFem is where we hold ourselves back as women because of how we feel about our bodies. This topic is dear to my heart because of my own personal struggles I’ve had about my body. In fact, much of my mission is based on this conversation.

Though I’ve come a long way with my self-love and body acceptance, like many women, I still find myself criticizing my reflection from time to time. So, when Rono presented, from the stage, an amazing painting of me that he had commissioned for my birthday, I received an even deeper gift in that moment.
Staring at the beauty of the woman (me) in that painting, I was overtook with emotion because of what I saw in her… the truth of my beauty.

For the first time in my entire life, I was able to see myself as a divine embodiment of the feminine!

I’ve never been more taken in any life moment than I was in that moment. As I shared this process with the audience, I was reminded (by my sister Danielle who was in the audience) that what I experienced in that moment was the same thing my mom experienced when watching a slide show of her life a few weeks before her death where she realized that although she spend countless hours, days and years of her life worrying about her weight, that in the end, she was never fat!

In the moment of this painting being revealed to me, I had my own moment of inner understanding about who I truly am, despite my own negative self perceptions. And as I stood on that stage, I was able to model what a true breakthrough looks like for every woman in that room!

With SO many amazing moments that happened this weekend, that moment was a gift beyond words and I am so grateful to be sharing it with you too!

I’d love to hear what self-image struggles you are dealing with or have overcome. Please COMMENT BELOW to share your stories with us.