Last week’s video about what my mom gifted to me in her dying days really struck a chord with many of you.

In fact I received and amazing email from a woman in our tribe who shared an incredible story about what she did to help her daughter when she made the connection between her depression challenges and her daughter’s chronic stomach issue.

Watch this video to find out more and learn how important it is to walk your talk as a mom, healer, leader, teacher and beyond!

Here is the message which Ani shared with me….


I’ve gotta share a story with you in response to your video message (which I super appreciated- thank you so much for sharing that).

I’m 34. I have an 8 year old daughter (and 6 year old son). Life has been really rough for me/us the past 2 years as I’ve gotten divorced, changed homes and relationships. About 6 months ago I began really having depression. About 5 months ago (right in the middle of the winter sick season) my daughter developed a stomach ache that wouldn’t go away. A month past and we took her to a Natropath for some answers. Food sensitivities. He gave us this crazy diet to follow and some droppers for her. We followed the best we could. She got a little better, but the belly ache persisted for months. My depression has, for the most part, lifted. I have learned how to deal with my emotions in a way that I didn’t understand before and I am transforming rapidly. I have a background in energy medicine and one day it occurred to me… Oh my gosh… the stomach aches are about me. So I sat down with her and explained something like this…

“You may not totally get this Charlotte, but our bodies are like the cabinets in the kitchen. One cabinet has the dishes in it, another the glasses, another the tupperware. Well our belly’s, they hold stuff about how we feel about ourselves. And you and me, because we’re mother and daughter, we have these invisible lines connecting us. So sometimes when I have things going on with me, you feel it because we’re connected and the other way around too. And…well… you don’t know this, but I haven’t been feeling very good about myself. When your stomach started to hurt, I was actually feeling really bad about myself. And I have been. But I want you to know that I’m better. I think maybe your brain needs to hear me tell you that I’m better. And I’ve changed. And because I’ve changed you’ve changed too. So your belly doesn’t have to hurt anymore.”

She understood. Her belly stopped hurting that night. And she quit the crazy diet we had her on that week a  too and she’s eating everything without a problem. How’s that for some serious proof that a mother’s gotta walk the walk for their daughters sake.

Feel free to share that story if you like. I can’t wait for your event. I’m so ready for it!

With love, Ani

Note from Sierra–  Ironically, my mother’s name was also Charlotte. This was a powerful message to get in response to my Mother’s Day video on many levels.  🙂