Now that Spring is here you’re probably feeling the itch to do a little spring cleaning. I know I am. But one of the things we often tell our clients is that your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. cleanmind

So even though you may be ready to clear out some clutter in your environment, we’re here to remind you that any messiness you are experiencing in your environment is because of the messiness of your mindset. Ruh-roh!

So this Spring, we invite you to do a little spring cleaning on the inside and clear out the muck in your mind so that you can feel more aligned in who you truly are!

Here’s one simple technique to help you “detox” your thoughts…

1. Pay attention to the words you speak.

What you find yourself saying is an easy indicator of the negative thoughts you have going on in your head. For example, some very typical sayings that we often hear (or say) are a perfect reflection of your non-supportive beliefs, such as:

I’m getting to old for this = you actually believe that you “can’t” do something because of your age and therefore you put a sub-conscious limitation on what’s possible for you.

I can’t afford that = you don’t believe that you have the means or power to get what you want and that you have a some sort of lack thinking going on that keeps you in a state of money struggle.

2. Examine why you said it.

Once you hear yourself saying things that are not helpful to what you actually want or that are downright contradictory to what you do want, it’s important to look at why it came out of your mouth in the first place.

You can’t say you want something (youth, energy, vibrancy, money, etc) and then speak as though you can’t / don’t or won’t have it at the same time and expect to get it.

Your thoughts, actions and words need to be in alignment to create the life you desire, so take a good hard look at why you say certain things and ask yourself if you really mean it or believe it. This will help you begin to clear out patterns in your thoughts that simply don’t belong there.

3. Change what you say.

Now that you’ve become aware of the habitual phrases and things you say that don’t align with what you really want in life, you can begin to change what you say to get better results in life.

Using the same examples from above, here are more empowering ways to shift your language and therefore your thoughts.

Instead of saying…

I’m getting to old for this, say….

“I’m feeling a bit tired/ overwhelmed / out of sorts here and it might be time to re-evaluate how much time / energy / space I can dedicate to this activity.”

I can’t afford that, say….

“I choose not to spend my money on that right now.” or “I’m putting my resources toward more important things at the moment.”

We’d love to hear how this technique works for you and if you have any thoughts, tips or ideas to share as well.  Please post your thoughts below …