This is your week to… create a plan.

This year, Rono and I are committed to deepening our spiritual practices and bringing more sacred into our daily lives. With that comes a commitment to being specific about what we put in our bodies.

Three of the biggest offenders we’ve found that block of us from being able to tune deeply into spirit are sugar, dairy and gluten! So of course we made a pact to cut them out and recommit ourselves to an eating plan that we had great success with this past summer (before we veered off for the holidays).

Monday came and we were ready to begin. Or so we thought. There was one major glitch…we didn’t have a plan in place to support us which meant the idea of starting our “diet” that day was, well, just that… an idea.

Because we hadn’t REALLY mapped out the specifics of what our meals were going to be and hadn’t decided EXACTLY what eating plan we were committing to, neither of us really knew what to eat when we got hungry. o when Monday morning rolled around things fell apart right out of the gate.

Have you ever had that happen?

If so, you know how easy it is to “fall off the wagon” or worse… not even start in the first place when it comes to change. Change is the one thing many of want the most each new year and yet change is one of the hardest things to truly implement when it comes to really making a big shift in your behavior and patterns.

So what does it take to create lasting and permanent change? A plan of course!

If you are looking for a plan and to hear what happened next with Rono and me, join us this Tuesday, January 14th for our new live and interactive radio show …


On this weeks episode we’ll be sharing exactly what we did to get back on track as well as be available to coach you directly on any life, love and business questions you may have about this topic or more.

It all happens on Tuesday, January 14th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST.

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And, if you live in the Capital Region, make sure to join us on on January 18th for our full day goal setting and visioning workshop, Envision Your Perfect Year where you will learn proven ways to manifest exactly what you want this year… and have a great time doing it.